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Signing up for MediaFunnel

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If you are a PR agency, a newspaper, a consumer brand company, or even government agency that is looking for a way to manage its brand via social media, then MediaFunnel is indeed the right application to use. MediaFunnel is an online website application that can be used to organize and manage social media awareness campaigns while at the same time it can also be used to monitor a brand via social media platform. This application that offers an opportunity for multiple users within a single company can easily manage and conduct social media brand awareness campaigns for large companies. If fact through this same ability this app has proved vital in allowing most users to make use of it without changing strategy or the corporate outlook of the organization within the social media platform.

How Do I Sign Up for MediaFunnel?

Signing up for MediaFunnel is remarkably simple. First you will have to open up the MediaFunnel website in your internet browser. The website address for MediaFunnel is If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see at the middle of the page a green tab labeled “try it for free” it is so conspicuous you cannot miss it. Once you have identified this tab marked “try it for free” click onto it. The moment you do so, the tab will lead you straight to the next page that has various pricing packages that the application offers. You will be able to see in this next page the two main pricing packages “the basic plan” and the “premium plan” irrespective of the one that you decide to choose, click on the red part marked “15 days free trial” beneath any of the two packages. The moment you click on this part marked “15 days free trial’ it will lead you to a new website window with an empty form to fill out. The page is titled “create my account” and has the form right under it. The moment you have located this form, fill in the various information as required. Fill in the first information of your name, followed by the email address that you intend to use and then your respective phone number. When you are done with this, immediately fill in your password and then confirm it by retyping it in the next part of the form. Then you can now choose a sub domain that you will use as your own URL. Lastly click into the tiny box that lies right next to the icon on the right in order to accept the terms and conditions of the application. With this done click on the blue tab that lies right at the bottom of the form and is marked “create my account.” The moment you click on to this part, it will lead you to a new web page with a new form with fill out details to make. Once you have made the necessary changes that you may so wish to on this form, click on the blue tab at the bottom right hand corner that is labeled “next” when you do this, it will give you a new window with all the social media platform applications on it. Click on the button marked next on a blue canvas at the right hand corner of this pop out after adding the social media that you intend to monitor with this app. Once this is done you will be set and ready to go, let MediaFunnel do the job for you.

How MediaFunnel Works

Once a user has logged into their personal accounts, they will find links on the right side of the browsing page. These links will allow the user to access several functions such as post scheduling, and social media monitoring. Once a user clicks on these tabs, they are taken to the help menu where they will find explanations and functions to every tab. These explanations will in turn guide a user through step by step till they meet their aims and objectives. Once you sign up for MediaFunnel you will be able to enjoy the following.

Merits of MediaFunnel

You will be able to enjoy the affordability that MediaFunnel provides on its pricing as it only charges $5 every month for these services. The pricing is therefore affordable and the opportunity to enjoy the services that MediaFunnel provides is also very much accessible.

MediaFunnel will also save you a lot of time wasting on having to watch the social media platform. The solid integration that social media has with MediaFunnel will effectively save you the energy and the labor that you would employ to do the job for you. Its results are also effective and dependable and this in turn will provide you with a well presented data to effectively transform your services.

Therefore you will have acquired a dependable “employee” that can watch your social media branding throughout the year without taking a break. In this case you will be saved a lot of task even while you are absent. Such a dependable service is on that is required and is very vital to any company.

Though MediaFunnel offers a simple strategy that most of the apps that offer these services may do, the fact that it has merged its services with social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter has allowed it to cover social media campaign every second around the clock for 365 days. Again MediaFunnel provides a great scheduling and coordination programs that allows users to create and put in place content for social media campaigns at the right times.

Amongst the many features that MediaFunnel offers are the following, scheduling of social media posts, giving a flexible opportunity to multiple users, monitoring brand mentions, and integration of URL shortening. Therefore using MediaFunnel is very vital to its specified users. If you choose to use this app to enhance job, you will have saved a lot of losses, because this app is simply amazing and guarantees profits.