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Manybooks – Digital Library of Thousands of Classical eBooks

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When google first took off in a big way, it was always to be more than just a search engine aiming to provide the most relevant content. Rather Google always had a larger mission of digitizing all information and making it searchable online. This literally did include plans to scan tens of millions of books from the largest libraries in the world so that all information every written since the dawn of the printing press could be accessed and search by anyone in the world. And significant inroads have been made on this massive undertaking; all of which was being funded by google with the consent of the participating libraries. There were always going to be many obstacles to over come; not the least of which was the technical logistics of high speed scanning billions of pages without damaging the books themselves. That issue, and of course all of the copyright infringement arguments that were sure to be raised.

Before Google, there was Project Gutenberg, which in 1971 set out to build a digital library of all cultural works in the public domain; meaning no longer subject to copyright. As of 2011, Project Gutenberg claimed to have thirty nine thousand works in its library, all digitized. And with the advent of the Internet, Manybooks net established itself as a digital library and taking the work of Project Gutenberg, Manybooks net sought to convert the material into useable form in file formats such as PDF and ePub that can be read using e-readers, iPads. The underlying goal has always been to make these ebooks available for free or as close to free as possible and so far they have converted twenty nine thousand books for people to be able to download as they wish. Users with Kindle, Nook, iPad and other e-readers can download what they want onto their device and read them at their leisure.

Manybooks net Has Proetcted for All of Time Some of the Greatest Books Ever Written

People visiting the Manybooks net web site can search for what they want by author, genre, specific titles or languages of their choice. The site does also have recommended reading options and a section for new titles. Opening account with Manybooks net serves no purpose but it is an option for you if you want. It is more just a way to get onto their mailing list for future updates about the site; other than that there is no benefit to joining them. Of course should you wish to leave a review of a book you have downloaded, then you would need to open a free account with them to be credited with your review. All the books can be downloaded for free and registration is simply not necessary; Manybooks net have not bolted on any social networking functionality to the site so it wonít be a meeting place to meet and befriend like minded people.

As the Manybooks net web site is advertising supported, and is particularly devoted to users of e-reader type devices, they do have a entire section on all of the different e-reader devices in the market and you can buy them from Amazon buy clicking the affiliate links on the Manybooks net web site. Amazon were never a large commissions payer, and so the revenues of Manybooks net are not going to be special, and they accept donations from any interested person.

Manybooks net is Totally Free of Charge

The Authors page is an alphabetic listing of authors based on their surname or you can search by the authorís name if you know it. However it is most likely that people will search based on the genre of subject matter they are most interested in and there truly is something there for everyone with several categories always going to be the most popular. For example, the mystery/detective genre has more than eight hundred and fifty titles out of the twenty nine thousand on offer; this being very popular with men and many women of all ages.

What is interesting is that most of the titles are quite old, with a large percentage dating back to the 1800ís. When you click on a book that interests you, it will open to its own page and give you the authorís name, the date it was published, the language it is in, its word and page count, when it was added to the Manybooks net library, how many times it has been downloaded and any readerís reviews by people who have accessed it before. And if it is what you are looking for, you use the drop down menu on the right hand side to select which file format you want it in; that is, with so many e-book readers on the market, and the usual nonsense of big businesses all having their own proprietary code formats, there are twenty five different file formats to choose from so help everyone out.

Twnety Nine Thousand Books Converted for Free Download

Manybooks net is a place for the classics of literature. Where the older works are now in the public domain and so are therefore free for people to access. And there has no doubt been some great minds making their literary contribution and passed on long before there was the internet. And so Manybooks net has done an outstanding job with its meager resources to save these works from obscurity and possibly oblivion. Whilst most of the works are in English (more than twenty six thousand of the twenty nine thousand titles), it is hard to find a language that is not included; even languages most of us have never heard of like Catalan and Arapaho and Interlingua. And so no matter what culture a person originates from, they are sure to find at least one classic work from their home country in the native language. Manybooks net is to be congratulated for this timeless and selfless work of love to keep safe some of the greatest works of humanity.