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If you’re a doctor, engineer, cat lover or Madonna fan (guilty!), you’d want the whole world to know who you are. For professionals, this knowledge could give them the chance to expand their client base and grow their business. On the other hand, regular people can create their own personal brand through their passions or beliefs. Now you’re welcome to print out hundreds of business cards to introduce yourself, but the chances are that some of these won’t see the light or feel the warmth of someone’s palms. Even if they do manage to leave their box, they may end up in the trash or soiled by a vindictive cat you shooed off your laptop (I’m looking at you, Mittens!). In both cases, your cards have defeated their purpose. So why not opt for the modern, innovative, permanent and FREE solution offered by


Launched initially as Vanity Mail Services in 1995, is a popular personalized solution that allows you to get your own vanity email address, i.e. an email address with a unique domain name such as or rather than traditional domains like, or In addition to defining who you are, vanity email addresses show that you take pride in what you do or like. Besides, vanity email addresses are EASY to remember and less confusing. Now that our pastor got his own email at, a friend with a similar email won’t be getting confessions from my wife or accidental invitations to special dinners.

Aside from email domains, offers the following services:

  • Email Service – Whether you’re a home user or a businessman, offers a range of features that are similar to traditional client-based software such as Home and Inbox tabs and a search box to go through emails. What I liked about the service, though, is that it offers unlimited email storage. Combined with the Email Archive feature, finding any email is easy if you remember its date, subject, sender or content. You can also attach up to 50 MB, which is double what most services like Google can accommodate!
  • File Storage – I confess to a techie sin – I’ve used my inbox to store many files in the past despite knowing the associated threats. Luckily, shifting to has cleansed me since now I can store these files on my 2GB free and secure disk space. Better yet, I can share these files with my contacts once I provide them with a password.
  • Portal Service – The first thing that greets you when you visit is top news from categories such as entertainment, politics, sports and science and technology. According to the site, the world’s largest and largest new agency curates top local and global news while young special interest networks provide technology, lifestyle and entertainment news.
  • Mobile Apps and MailCheck – com was perfect for my active(ish) lifestyle thanks to its Android app, but you can also get an iPhone or iPad app depending on your device. You can also add the MailCheck application for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari to be notified of incoming email and check what you get with a single click.

The Fine Print of does have a lot of perks to offer aside from offering over 200 domains that are categorized by profession, hobbies, musical choices, religious beliefs, technologies, U.S. city, or country. However, there are a few things you should know before signing up for the service.

First off, not everything on is for free. By opting for the free email account, you get to choose from the domain options available and enjoy the services mentioned earlier. All that is great unless you want zero ads, telephone support, and POP3/IMAP. If you want these, you need to purchase a Premium Mail account for $19.95 a year, which isn’t a big deal since services like Yahoo Mail Pro cost the same. However, keep in mind that’s service is very basic and lacks extras like integrated instant messaging, so make your decisions accordingly.

Still, the Mail Collector can be a redeeming factor. This service allows you to manage multiple email accounts from a single interface. Using its forwarding feature, you can organize all your correspondence in one place. I admit to loving this feature SIMPLY because it spares me from racking my brain trying to remember different passwords. Combined with security technologies and superior virus protection, this feature is truly one of the gems of the site.

Another important detail to know is that doesn’t update dynamically like most mailboxes. The system checks for new email every three minutes, which is fine by me. You can also press the Check Mail button if you want to find out about new emails. However, if you need to be alerted of each email that you receive, you may want to browse through other reviews in this category.

Making up for this shortcoming is the useful options for emails which contain photos. In addition to downloading them in .zip formats, you can view them through a large slideshow viewer, post them on Facebook, or store them in your allocated online storage. Just don’t expect similar options for video, receipts or social notifications. Another good feature is the Online Calendar option, which keeps you organized and allows you to keep your appointments, memos and contacts in the same space. Though not integrated as others’, it’s very capable of performing up to your expectations. Well, unless your expectations include subscribing to online calendars, which isn’t possible through this service.

How to Get Your Own Account

If you like what has to offer and have no issues with its few hiccoughs, don’t hesitate to sign up for the service. Simply click on the Free Sign Up button on the top right corner to start. Enter all the mandatory details, select a domain and type in your desired email address, and then choose a secure password. To protect you in case you forgot your password, also offers you a Security Question option. Finally, verify your registration by typing the characters in the captcha picture and then click Accept.

To make the deal sweeter, offers you the chance to download Internet Explorer 11 from its site. The new browser comes with accelerators that provide instant access to information, a smart address bar that makes web surfing fast, and top security features like InPrivate. You’ll also get MailCheck, a Toolbar, and as a startup page.

The Bottom Line

While it may be a basic mail service, is anything but typical. Not only can you get an email address on a domain that defines who you are to everyone you email, but you can enjoy a range of great features, abundant storage, and endless email storage for no cost at all. And that is definitely a good thing.