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About Lyst

Aspiring to leave a touch of style in the world, the creators of Lyst from London and New York grouped together and created the website. For any fashion enthusiast who caught the bug of going out to shop, Lyst is the answer for all those fashion cravings. The website with the web address,, offers a new fashion experience that any person can enjoy. With a tagline “Discover a Store Just Made for You,” Lyst promises to give a new shopping experience catering to their customers’ fashion needs.

With the internet, everything is accessible and just a click away. But that makes individuals start looking at scattered places. That problem in the fashion perspective is given solution by Lyst by being “The World’s Biggest Fashion Selection.” Imagine all fashion finds found in the web all in one place, organized, and easily accessed. Lyst partners with thousands of fashion brands from those seen in chic boutiques down to the people’s common department store. Truly a remarkable site offering every fashion problem! Any user can follow all their favorite brands and view their products, be it new or on sale, all with just a click of a button. A devotee for style (fashionista) will never be missing out on any trend.

Lyst is a very beneficial site not just for the many fashionistas out there, but also to aspiring business owners, bloggers, designers, and others in the art world. An online shop is not only the purpose of Lyst, but so much more. The site is an avenue where creativity is empowered. Business owners can see their competition and acquire inspirations. On the other hand, bloggers can check out the latest trends and new fashion finds, while designers can inspire themselves with unique patterns and designs by professionals. Lyst is a must site for all art enthusiasts! To add to that, when price items are reduced, and incidentally, the items are included in your lyst, the website will notify you via e-mail address.

Lyst is gaining fame–the good kind!

The website can be accessed and used by people from different countries. By way of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Lyst has a total of 50,600 likes and 8,050 followers, respectively. Other forms of media, which features the fashionable online shop that is Lyst, are magazines and newspapers such as Business of Fashion, W Magazine, Refinery29, WWD, Mashable, People, Huffington Post, The High Low, and Wired.

What is in it for bloggers?

As simple as clicking the black button that says “CONNECT YOUR BLOG TO LYST,” bloggers will be producing more money and increasing blog visitors and readers. There is no catch! It is completely free.

Partner with Lyst:

To be considered as Lyst’s partner, retailers, designers, and publishers should prepare their most exceptional work, for it will be the basis of their admission. Lyst is very strict and it only accepts collaborative ties if they see great potential. If one does become a partner, s/he will be distinguished and, without a question, generate more profit.

How to create an account on Lyst:

Enter the string of characters on your URL through any internet browser: Provide a username, e-mail address, and a password because it is necessary in making an account. Also select whether or not you are interested in women’s fashion or that of men’s fashion. Click the black button, which says, “CREATE AN ACCOUNT.” Shortly after, using the e-mail address you provided, a message from Lyst will appear.

To start using the website:

Part of the tutorial would be getting a personal Stylefeed. The website will flash people that may be of interest to you (designers, retailers). For example, a designer will be flashed on the screen asking if you like her. Click the cross mark if you do not, and click the check mark if you do. “CONTINUE” if you are done. All of the brands you have put a check mark on will be displayed on the next page signaling that you “follow” it. Your Stylefeed will exhibit clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories added by several brands. Clicking “MY LYST” at the upper right corner of the screen can help the user revisit all of his or her lysted items.

What are your options?

Lyst has the following tabs for users to be informed in latest fashion updates and items: Just In, women, men, designers, sale, blog, and Lookbook. It can also filter available items and prices that range within your budget.

If you are a supporter of a designer or retailer, type it in the given search bar (left side of the website) or scroll the given options and see if Lyst has the items you are looking for.

How to buy on Lyst?

Click on the item you want to buy and it will be emphasized on the screen; in this case, a pair of colorful sandals. The seller includes a description of the product. Be informed about the color, available sizes, and why it is a good buy. After much deliberation, click “BUY ON STORE” if you want to have it delivered to you right away. The buyer will be directed to another web page–the store itself. If the item is everything that you desire, choose your size for the sandals and “add to shopping bag.” To complete the transaction, log in or create an account, and prepare your payment methods.

Strong points of online shops such as Lyst:

Through the use of online shops, a buyer avoids the hassle that comes with going to the mall (traffic, fuel, parking fees, and such). Some, if not all, stores have very confusing and disorganized racks because certain customers do not properly return the merchandise in the right category. Fear no more! Lyst does not have those kinds of problems as long as you make an account, know what you want, and have the cash. Keep track of engrossing products by lysting it and have a categorized shopping experience.