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Lycos Mail Spun Off from the MotherShip

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The internet has had a lot of money thrown at it. With the enthusiasm of early adopters at the venture capitalist and angel investor end of town, billions of dollars were thrown at companies that had no revenues at all; just a good story to tell and seemingly no limit to how much blue sky. And so with no tangible results and just a good idea, in an industry that was still forming and had no precedents, the last half of the 1990s seriously did look like all bricks and mortar businesses would fail to exist in a world of commerce all done more efficiently online. That all shop front business would cease to exist, and all factory output would only serve the clients of web sites and that they would be compelled to do it at wholesale or distributor level prices. And then the internet grew very much bigger and hundreds of millions of web sites were developed; all racing to be the biggest and best new slice of bread. And to sort through all of the chaff and noise of so many web sites, search engines became all the rage and yet most of them totally failed at helping people to find relevant results for any of their searches.

Lycos Was Really Something, Thirteen Years Ago

In fact it was only when Google burst on to the scene in 1998 that the very idea of relevance to search criteria was even taken seriously. But it had to be taken seriously because there was no other way to find anything out there on this super powerful growth engine called the internet. Real world advertising campaigns were always prohibitively expensive to finance and many a start up venture churned through tens and sometime hundreds of millions of advertising dollars just to create awareness of a web siteís product offering. Lycos was one such search engine that started off with a big bang and a loyal audience of users. And after raising a modest amount of venture capital funds (only two million dollars), its CEO sought to make Lycos a portal business, a Mecca for all manner of interests beyond just search while it continued to try and sell its search software solution. In 1999 it became the most visited web site in the world, and in 2000 it was bought out for a staggering twelve billion dollars by the Spanish telephone company Telefonica. Then the internet bubble imploded, and four years later the business was sold to Korean interests for only ninety five million dollars. That must have been disappointing. The fact is that Lycos failed miserably at search. But it did make some money hosting web sites, and by providing email services.

Lycos Mail is a Lost Soul, Not Deserving of Your Time or Cash

Lycos mail is now a stand alone company and it is quite remarkable that in an era where no one expects to pay for email services, Lycos proudly have a premium pricing model that will cost you nineteen dollars ninety five a year to have only a modest increase in your storage quota; a quota that is half the size of Gmailís basic free account size. It seems abundantly clear that Lycos mail have lost touch with reality and have no serious management focus on how to progress their business. It is now just a lost piece of a much bigger spaceship, and so it floats around with no purpose or committed goal.
And at the same time it has severe restrictions on which countries can join the service for free. That is, during the sign up process, you must provide a mobile phone number so that they can text you a PIN that you enter into the site. If you are in a not free to use country, then you can only elect to have a paid for solution; there is no other choice available to you. It truly makes no sense and appears extremely arrogant to take such a position. There is no credos value to having a email address, and the quotas on all their account types are outdated and draconian.

Too Many Serious Complaints to Take Lycos Mail Seriously

When you study the history of Lycos Mail, they have had some serious issues with losing peopleís mail as they tried different protocols and of deleting peopleís accounts entirely with no recourse available to the users. If you do live in Spain, Australia, the united States or the few other countries where free accounts can be accepted, you will find that your emails are populated with advertising and looking at the complaints on record on the internet, it is hard to find anyone ranking Lycos mail higher than one out of five. Deleted accounts are not the only problem. Some users have been advised by Lycos mail that ìdue to abuse from your accountî all emails will be manually reviewed before being delivered. That must be horrifying news to any user of the service.

There Are Better options than Lycos Mail, Use Them

Clearly there was a day when the Lycos business was a growth stock and properly managed. Perhaps it was managed with a view to it being bought out by a massive telephone company at the height of the Internet boom on 2000. Now that the business has been broken up into its many constituent parts and all sold off, the Lycos Mail business has been left floundering in a technology mess since 2010 which it still has not resolved. And its marketing for a paid for email service when there is no service in a world that does not charge money for email accounts defies logic. While it maintains some level of a revenue base, Lycos mail should almost certainly be avoided as an email solution. The business has been sold and resold so many times, there is no continuity of management nor any commitment to providing a reliable service for end users. Becoming a member of Lycos almost certainly will end in hardship os a deleted account, lost email and possibly even a sudden business closure without notice.