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Self Publishing With Lulu

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Ever wanted to write and publish a book but did not know how to go about it? Book publishing has for long being a source of pain to authors who almost had to pass through the eye of the proverbial needle to get a publishing company to accept their manuscripts as a first step. It was a daunting process that deterred many prospective authors and as long as the power resided solely in the hands of the publishers, it was difficult for an author to get a book published except a publisher liked the book.

Lulu is an online service that provides a robust and versatile platform for authors to publish their manuscripts by themselves. The service was launched in 2002 and pioneered what has come to be known as the self-publishing industry. Lulu operations are on a global scale and enable authors to gain access to readers worldwide in print as well as electronic readers and tablet devices. There are more than two million publications currently published via the Lulu platform and books constitute a major percentage of these. Lulu is also available in the major languages of the world including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

By placing the power in your hands to publish your own book without the restrictions typically experienced by most authors, Lulu ensures that the entire process of book publishing is well-simplified. This allows you to go through the process without need for ‘experts’ in every area except you deliberately wish to do seek assistance. Diverse book formats are provided for and options are all available for you to select on the Lulu website in an easy-to-follow manner. The website also provides decision-making tools for you to make various important decisions such as the calculating the sizes, deciding the colors, its effects on the book costs, determining how much it would cost to publish the number of copies you have in mind as well as other vital issues. Using the Lulu website has been one of the best sources of book publishing by many budding authors as well as some established ones who want to publish simply, easily and with minimal hassles.

How To Sign Up on Lulu

Lulu believes in the enrichment of global knowledge via book publication and to do that, using Lulu for self-publishing is a great start. Joining Lulu is a hassle-free process and it is designed to be that way. The process is simplified right from the start and all you need to do is first, get to the homepage of the website at At the top quarter of the page, you will find the ‘Sign Up’ form. It contains just three fields requiring the following information; Full Name, Email address, Password. After filling in the required information, you may indicate your interest in receiving self-publishing tips and book deals from Lulu by ticking the box placed just beneath the form. Ticking the box will enable you to join the Lulu mailing list and get exclusives from them. To complete the process, all you need to do is click the ‘Create an Account’ button at the bottom of the form.

How To Use Lulu

Using Lulu is very simple. Although there may be slight variation, depending on the book format, here is a basic outline of the required steps to use Lulu:

  • Complete the writing or your book and ensure it is well edited then format it properly.
  • Select your preferred book size, paper type for the printing as well as binding.
  • Enter the title you have given the book as well as the name of the author.
  • Upload the file of the completed work, duly formatted.
  • Create a cover for the book.
  • Go ahead and publish your book.

The process for publishing on Lulu is really that simple.

Costs of Using Lulu

Lulu has the key objective of making publishing as easy as possible. In furtherance of this objective, there is no charge attached to joining Lulu. The costs are attached to the printing of your book and even this varies, depending on a number of factors: format, paper type, book size, color, binding and the print volume. Lulu provides discounts for you when you print in volume the the discount is incremental.

Benefits of Using Lulu

Publishing your own book has never been easier than Lulu makes it. The website makes it very easy for authors to make their dreams of publishing a book come true without the archetypal hair-raising hassles. Here are some of the key benefits that you enjoy by using Lulu.

  • Publish in Any Format of Your Choice: Lulu enables you to publish your book in the format you prefer; hardcover, paperback or eBook format. Any format you select will always result in the same superior quality.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Inventory: You only print the quantity that you require and nothing more. Take the risk out of your book publishing venture by eliminating inventory and by extension, risk. Lulu also offer you handsome discounts when your order exceeds 14 copies. Of course, the more you print, the less the costs attached but after doing all your calculations, you can determine exactly what you need vis-a-vis your budget.
  • Control Over The Entire Project: Unlike the traditional way of publishing books where you submit your manuscript and then it is subject to approval and potential changes, Lulu gives you total control over the content and price of your book. You own it, you determine what goes it and at what price it will be sold.
  • Multi-platform Availability: You have a diverse number of platforms where your book may be made available and these include, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, as well as your own personal website.
  • Access to Expert and Friendly Advice: Lulu provides you with a superb knowledge base on its website in addition to the customer service readily available via email. You also have fellow self-publishing authors in the Lulu online community sharing tips and giving advice to newcomers.