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Lujure – Build a Professional Facebook Fan Page

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Since the advent of the Internet there are perhaps three main web sites that have become true phenomena; namely Google, Facebook and YouTube. Sure there are many other billion dollar businesses out there like the first major success story Amazon. And there are other the bloated and low innovation businesses of MSN and Yahoo. Yet none of these come close to the explosive success stories of Google Facebook and YouTube. And all three of these web site businesses have become an integral part of Internet marketing. That is, almost all businesses have explored or continue to spend money on pay per click advertising for their targeted key words; and or they work hard on their Search Engine Optimization in order to get the best position for their web site in Google; and they publish videos of their product range as well as have a business Facebook page to promote to and keep informed all their loyal customers. And all the cross links between these three web sites by themselves carry a lot of ìlink juiceî in terms of search engine optimization.

Internet Marketers Are Rushing to Use Lujure

And one very important part of the Facebook page for businesses is their ìfan pageî which needs to be visually appealing, engaging and interesting to encourage people to subscribe to being a fan. And certainly the more fans a business Facebook page has, the more search engine optimization link juice it has too. And so it all becomes a circular self feeding ìwebî of interconnectedness which is all too important in the world of success and professionalism online. Lujure is a stand alone business which supports Facebook users; assisting them to build and customize their own Facebook Fan Page quickly and easily in ways that promote the success of that fan page. In many ways you can think of Lujure as being to Facebook the same as what plugins are to blogs. That is, with Facebookís ability to handle Facebook Apps; Lujure has developed a wide range of these apps specifically designed to enhance the way your fan page looks and feels so as to gain and retain the highest number of fans for your page.

Even Free Accounts Get All the Facebook Apps Included

It all comes down to adding functionality to your Facebook fan page. That is, by adding in all manner of extras to your fan page like opt in forms, Google maps, RSS feeds, Skype contact tools, YouTube video, squeeze pages, Twitter integration; the list is very extensive. Each item of extra functionality comes in the form of a widget; a HTML widget and the iFrame widget tends to be the heart and soul of it all. That is, by using the iFrame widget, you are able to then add many apps to that iFrame including dragging and dropping an entire web page into it. And drag and drop is the whole point of the Lujure widget strategy so as to make it quick and easy as well as coding free for all users building their fan page up. The idea is that creating your first Lujure fan page will impress you so much that you will then subscribe to the paid plan of thirty dollars per month to further grow your fan pages and perhaps even become a professional internet marketer around your fan page creations.

Lujure was Started by Uni Students and Now Has Venture Capital to Grow

Started by University students only two years ago, the company is already pulling in monthly revenues of more than one hundred thousand dollars per month and it has recently accepted first round venture capital or angel investor funding of five hundred and fifty thousand dollars so as to take staff numbers from nine people up to thirty people to further grow and enhance its range of widgets available to use. Lujure has already attracted three thousand paid users who were once one of its sixty thousand free users before falling in love with the service. And there are some very large business in that paid subscriber category including the likes of television broadcaster NBC which has used the service to channel and communicate with individual TV program viewer groups.

Open Your Free Account – it is Easy an Full Featured

Opening an account is as quick and as easy as you would expect. And yes of course the free plan is limited in what you can do. That is, for free you can create and work with one fan page and one tab and it will carry the Lujure branding. The good news is that you are able to use all of the apps or widgets just as if you were a paid member; but you cannot access the full range of templates on offer. And you cannot use the service in Facebook Editor, use custom icons or any of the analytics tools. However, given that you are able to work with all the apps, you will find your fan page is extremely functional and that you will get a deep appreciation for what can be done with the Lujure software as a service web site business.

Almost every internet connected person has a Facebook page these days. Most people get exposed to the widgets and apps because of the viral way they spread. That is, when your friend or contact uses an app, the app then asks you if you want to use it too and most people agree to these widgets being added to their own account because they are free of charge and seem a safe thing to agree to. Lujure is for its part spreading the use of widgets in a professional way; seeding thousands of fan pages with Facebook apps that in turn will then reach out and seek permission of the related contacts and friends. That is, Lujure is doing its part to help Facebook apps developers to get their software products widely distributed to the largest number of people possible and in the shortest period of time to a high degree of utility.