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Planning a wedding is one of the biggest moments of a couple’s life and it is an exciting time of change and wonder. It is also a time of frantic searching, stressing, and time-consuming tasks that seem to never end. There is so much to do and plan for that even a small simple wedding can seem daunting and a larger wedding seems next to impossible to plan for.

Today’s busy brides and grooms have been crying out for a one-stop-shop resource for wedding planning and now they have their answer in Loverly’s unique platform. You can plan your wedding with real-time wedding trends and browse ideas and tips to make your special day the best that it can possibly be. Look through top wedding images from across the country and around the world, and get deliveries sent straight to you from Loverly’s expert editorial team. Take advantage of the specially designed search bar which will help you find images that you can search and organize and filter by color, category, and custom keywords.

You also have the option to hit the shuffle button to see random selections and combinations to see if something sparks your imagination and tickles your fancy. Organize your ideas and save your favorite images to your own personal bundle collections. Create bundles for every facet of your wedding from the dress to table decorations to overall themes. Share your wedding bundles with your family, friends and vendors to let everyone know how your special day is shaping up and to get their thoughts, feedback, and suggestions.

Shopping at Loverly

Search the Loverly shop for over 250,000 products from more than 2,000 brands from some of the biggest and best wedding designers. Find what you are looking for and get the inspiration you need from gowns, bridesmaid dresses, engagement rings, and accessories to wedding favors, decor, stationery, groomsmen gifts, and more! When you find an idea or image that you like and want to find out more about, simply click the image to see which of the over 18,000 vendors had a hand in making the item in the image. From there you can simply follow the provided links to contact the vendor and order the pieces from the directly and contact the experts.

If you find the perfect table piece for your wedding, find the vendor who designed it and contact them directly to see about having one made for your wedding. If you love the photography of a vendor on Loverly, find their contact information and location so you can contact them about being your wedding photographer. From the newest and most popular trends to expert advice, tips and ideas, the team of Loverly experts will share their experiences, knowledge, and provide you with all of the need-to-know info that will help you have a stress-free wedding planning session. Make your dream wedding a reality today, wherever you may be.

Loverl y is mobile so you can plan for your big day while on the go and with the special app you can snap and save pictures and upload them right to your profile anywhere, anytime. Wedding planning has never been easier or more convenient!

Singing up and Getting Started

Brides, grooms, and wedding enthusiasts love using the unique planning system at Loverly for wedding inspiration and help. Do you have great wedding ideas that you want to share with those who are planning their special day? Does your company offer services that would appeal to brides, grooms and the wedding industry as a whole? Do you offer gear wedding ideas, gifts, and products? If you answered yes then Loverly is the place to be. It is super simple to get started; all it takes to get signed up is to enter your name and email and set a username and password. After that you can begin exploring, gathering, saving, and sharing inspiration for your wedding!

Being More Than a Customer – Be a Vendor

  • Loverly’s superb content is made possible by the experts who have been hand-selected by the site’s team and the vendors who are selected based on their diverse, fresh, and trendy content. Loverly exclusively manages the premium banner advertising and offers great exposure for you, your product, and your company.
  • The website’s unique platform connects the top vendors in all things wedding on both a national and local levels. Connect with brides and grooms who are searching for exactly what you offer.
  • Become a vendor and begin reaching new customers by uploading ample of your work and start bundling a reputation with the customers who frequent the site.
  • Place your brand in front of the very active and engaging audience with one of the world’s first wedding sites. As a Loverly vendor and commerce partner you are able to reach users who are wanting to find the perfect wedding look and style. Get recognized as an expert in your field and find people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.
  • Keep your product and brand relevant and make sure you are up on all the latest trends so you can reach your target audience. Seasonal product updates are offered to all Loverly vendors and partners which helps you get higher interaction with potential customers and more views and sales.

Loverly Wedding- Final Thoughts

Planning a wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest and most precious moments of a couple’s life. But with everything that goes into planning the wedding, there is a great deal of excitement and energy that surrounds the plans. Unfortunately, the months of planning that goes into the big day is also a time of frantic searching, stressing, running around that seems to be never ending. There is so much to do and plan for that even a small simple wedding can seem daunting and a larger wedding seems next to impossible to plan for. That is where the team of experts at Loverly can help make it a much easier and more enjoyable process. Find the inspiration you need and search for that perfect touch that will make your wedding day one to remember. It is all available for you right here on Loverly!