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All About and what it can do for you!

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If you are looking for a place to get some new fashion ideas, earn points for cool things, or to just share your love of fashion and clothes, then Lockerz is the place for you! is a website that has been growing in popularity for some time over the past few years, and it is also an international social commerce website. It operates on the premise of rewarding members for their interactions on the site. Lockerz headquarters is based out of Seattle, Washington, and in 2011, the site claimed to have almost 20 million members from almost 200 different countries.

Introduction to Locerz and What it is All About

Lockerz functions chiefly on the basis of amassing and then spending Lockerz points also known as PTZ by members and fans. Members earn PTZ for a number of things such as logging in, viewing pages, voting and commenting on posts, buying items from Lockerz, and engaging in social interaction on the site. PTZ is then ‘cashed in’ to get discounts on clothing, fashion items, accessories, electronics, and other products on the site’s store.

Lockerz target audience is men and women ages 13–30, those often called Generation Y. About 20 members are part of the advisory board, which tests features prior to access being given to the general public and other members

What can Lockerz do For You?

The thing Lockerz members like to do is spend at least a few minutes each day on the site to rack up some PTZ- site points. PTZ can be redeemed for expensive items, bid on items, and used to reduce the price of items that you have an interest in buying. These items range from Ipads and top-notch sunglasses to other cool stuff! The site is also a great way see what’s new, network, interact with other members, and just have some fun! If you are looking for a place to find the latest new in fashion ideas, win cool prizes, or to just share your passion for clothes and fashion with likeminded people, then Lockerz is the place for you!

How do You Sign Up and Get PTZ?

Singing up is easy and involves just a simple process of creating a log in and password, setting up a basic account, and accepting the terms and conditions for the site. It really is not too complicated and can be done nice and easy in just a few minutes.

To begin earning your PTZ just follow these few simple steps each day-

1: Log in on a daily basis and earn PTZ for that and then spend a few more second to answer the daily question and earn additional points.

2: Check out the shop to see what things are offered. Lockerz will not charge more than you would pay in the store, and you can earn some great PTZ for all purchases. So buying something cheap and earning points can make it easier to get points for the big ticket items you may have your eye on.

3: Watch the videos that they have on the site. You will not see many advertisement and promotional videpos. Most of them are fun little stories, humorous video blogs, and fun videos that people love to share. Serious PTZ can accompany these videos so investing a few minutes can be a quick way to earn points!

Why People are Interested in Lockers- Some Interesting Things to Know


  • Early in March 2010, Lockerz announced the released of the beta version of Lockerz Play. This was to be the site’s entertainment channel, and it was to serve as a place where users could access and watch videos. It was with this release that members could also begin to collect PTZ for watching videos, a system that is still in place today.
  • In 2010, the site announced its opening of Lockerz SHOP, the site’s shopping platform. This was the first time member could choose from such a wide range of product to earn PTZ and to use PTZ.
  • Most of the time there are around 200 different brands of products available in the shop. The selection changes every week since the quantities are often very limited. Brands that have been featured in the past include Nintendo, Razor, Sony, Splendid, Rock and Republic, 7 for all Mankind, Ella Moss, and Dakine among many others.
  • Towards the end of 2010, Lockerz launched CONNECT, its specially designed social networking platform that allowed members to connect and communicate with each other with more freedom. The site also put stronger security and privacy features into place to help protect their members as they socialized and networked.
  • Lockerz at one point had a feature called “24/7”, where users could put in a bid on an item and after the bidding was done the highest bidder won the item. This feature was removed early in 2011, and no set date for return is in the works as of late 2013.
  • Lockerz takes advantage of the Twitter photo sharing application, Plixi as well as the social sharing platform AddToAny which helps members share and stay connected faster and easier- a great perk for members who are always on the go ad who access Lockerz from their smartphone or tablets.
  • In August 2011, Lockerz allowed non-members to have basic access to the site, allowing them to browse photos, read some posts, and have access to some of the basic areas of the site. Non-members cannot contact other members or earn PTZ.
  • Early in 2012 Lockerz acquires travel auction site Off & Away to give a greater diversity of rewards for their members.
  • Towards the end of 2012, Lockerz acquired the online fashion community platform known as Chick Approved, which allowed members the ability share photos of their outfits and fashion styles and receive instant feedback, tips and advice. is an intriguing platform that allows members to engage in social interaction while enjoying fashion, trends, and the styles they know and love. If you are looking for a place to get some new fashion ideas, earn points for cool things, or to just share your love of fashion and clothes, then Lockerz is the place for you! Check it out today and start sharing, earning, and loving your free time online again!