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LiveMinutes Review

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LiveMinutes is an online collaborative tool which allows users to share and to collaborate documents in real time. It supports an effective online conferencing platform that makes online meetings so much engaging. LiveMinutes is mostly focused on sharing documents and appropriately ensuring fruitful discussion on it.

How do I sign up for LiveMinutes?

Signing up for LiveMinutes is remarkably simple. First you will have to open up the LiveMinutes website in your internet browser. The website address for LiveMinutes is If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see at the top right corner a tag labeled “sign up” an click on this tab and it will direct you to steps that you will have to follow to do a successful registration. Once you click on it, immediately it will take you to a new page with the title “welcome to your new work place” and a blank for that you will be required to fill out. Therefore fill out this form with the right details, starting with your full name, make sure the name is exactly your name because the people you will be dealing with are professional, and from a vast background. This will help you to build trust. After filling in your name, follow it with your email address make sure that you have fed the email address that you find flexible to use always. Lastly enter your password in the password section. This will act as your logging in secret word after you have signed up. Therefore use the right password for your email as the two will be required to log in and continuously access the services of LiveMinutes. Once you are through with filling in these information, click on the tab right beneath the form that has a green background and is labeled “sign up for free” of course LiveMinutes is for free so don’t be worried of any charges that you may incur when you sign up, because there are none. With that click your signing up process is complete.

How LiveMinutes Works

When you have clicked on to that it will lead you directly to a new page that invites you to live minutes, this confirms that your registration is indeed successful. This page will provide you with a platform to create your team’s first project. Fill in the blank form in the middle of the page with the project name and the other section just below it, and marked invite your team, with the respective email addresses for the people you would love to incorporate into your team. You can click on the blue additional sign at the right hand corner to add more people. When done with the invitations, click on the tab “get started” this will lead you directly to your projects page so that you and your team starts to have and feel the real time project discussions with LiveMinutes. The new page that appears will have the contacts section for the people that form your team, the projects section that will be used to display the project that you want to discuss about and lastly the activity section to show the comments and the discussion details that you will all be highlighting. Also of importance to note is the tab labeled invite at the bottom left hand corner. This tab assists you in adding more new members to your group.

Merits of LiveMinutes

Once you sign up for LiveMinutes you will be able to enjoy very many benefits among them, real time conversation and exchange of information. You will be able to see and hear the person you will be talking to as if you were sitting in the same place, while at the same time taking notes and sharing documents. This will allow rectifications of any mistake and tailoring of the right information.

With such an engaging flexibility in online meeting, you will be able to accomplish a lot more with very limited technical hitches. In fact LiveMinutes has very effective solutions for other communication hitches including switching to Skype to improve on audio quality.

LiveMinutes also generates your meeting reports for you, harmonizing what was said and what was done. This it does to allow you to keep track of your records. As if that is not enough, LiveMinutes will also send copies of this information to those who were absent during the meeting. This will ensure that no one misses out on information or even lags behind.

Irrespective of how vital the services that LiveMinutes are, it is a free platform. This is a great benefit as you will enjoy a great convenience, flexibility, and do a lot of things absolutely for free.

The application also provides API integrations that will allow for flash integration, upload of different formats of documents, among them PDFs, Power Point slides, screenshots and other HTML file formats, this are effective in ensuring that any file format is shared via the net and that the information received remains intact.

The best thing with LiveMinutes is that it offers an opportunity for the people involved in discussing or analyzing a document to look at it while at the same time discuss and give their comments on it. This is because LiveMinutes offers both the document and the avenue of discussion on the same slide. The report that LiveMinutes generates also is so unique in enhancing user understanding and the ability to remain up to date with various discussions. Unlike other online discussion platforms that does not offer such services.

The unique features that LiveMinutes has include a free conferencing platform, Audio and video chat with up to 20 participants, sharing and explaining files in real time, planning meetings with a single click, and a storage for files and sketches. Basically what LiveMinutes does is to keep your meetings memorable.