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LiveLovely Website Review

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Based out of San Francisco, California, LiveLovely is a new website and company that focuses on making it easier to find your dream home. The team of skilled and talented experts know firsthand just how painful it can be to rent an apartment, and they have come together to create a faster, easier, and more transparent way to find the perfect apartment for you or your family. LiveLovely is an online marketplace that helps renters locate places they are interested in and it also helps property owners and managers locate the right renter for their facility and space. The site is based on web platform as a well as a mobile platform, so you can access it anytime anywhere. The tools provided give you a simple, fast, and complete access to on the go to help as you search for the perfect place to call your new home.

What LiveLovely Has to Offer

  • Search Smarter. Find all of the best listings in real time and search across the web, get specifics about each place, and see your interested locations mapped out for you. Search from your desktop, tablet, or iPhone for super easy and convenient searching.
  • Set Alerts. Get notified via text message or email as when new listings are added or listings that meet your entered criteria hit the market. This gives you a competitive edge and makes it possible to quickly act and make an offer on the places you like.
  • Send a Renter Card. Find potential properties faster by sending a Renter Card to landlords. Renter Cards are a small introduction that give your pertinent information and helps show landlords you are serious and prepared to make an offer.
  • Apply in One Click. Apply to your favorite homes and apartments, and check offers and send responses, all from the convenient on-site inbox feature.
  • Post Smarter. Post your rental properties quickly and easily, target your desired audience, highlight the features that matter most, and watch the offers come in on your property as renters see your listings on LiveLovely.
  • See Renter Cards. Connect with renters and know who you are dealing with and who is really serious by seeing their living requirements and financial details up front so you can weed through and zero in on the perfect renter.
  • Run Credit Reports and Applications. Receive applications with credit report, ID verification, and references. Extend an offer to that perfect renter with just one click.

Signing Up and Getting Started With LiveLovely

Singing up with LiveLovely is easy. Enter your name, email and password. You will set up an account and put in some personal information that helps customize your experience. The process takes less than a minute and you can begin searching for the perfect place to call home. If you are a landlord and want to list property that you have for rent, you will sign up with the LiveLovelyPro account which has the same process but asks for more information since you will be listing the properties all the other members are searching for. It is a very straightforward process for both account types and it is easy to get started with LiveLovely.

How it All Works

Once you’ve logged in and have set up your account, you will have the option to find tune and add in all the details that will help you find the rental home for you. To do this, simply select “Edit My Application” from the top of the page.

Complete the information that is requested so you can set up your Renter Card. It is important to fill in as much information as possible because this is what renter and landlords will see first when you contact them- it is a snapshot of you as a renter and needs to leave a good impression. Having a complete card will give enough information and will also give you the best shot at landing your dream rental!

When you search through the listings you can browse by location, area, amenities, or other search filters and criteria. You can also save the properties you are interested in so you can compare them and review them at a later time.

Once you find a listing you want to make an offer on or find more information about, you can use the desktop access or the mobile app to contact the landlord. Simply use the convenient contact button on the listing page and send them your Renters Card and wait for a response. If you decided to call the landlord directly, send your Renters Card as a follow up to make sure you are kept in their mind as the look for the right renter.

Lovely and RentPath

LiveLovely was first launched in 2011, and since then the site has developed many great tools that help landlords and renters find each other and form strong partnerships that benefit both parties. Now LiveLovely has joined forces with another guru in the online renters help department- RentPath. The partnership aims at furthering the shared mission of creating the best, most innovative products for renters and property owners and managers nationwide. RentPath has worked with millions of consumers nationwide and has a reputation for success and with the expertise they bring LiveLovely is growing stronger than ever.

Final Thoughts on LiveLovely

LiveLovely is a must have for anyone looking for rental property or anyone who has rental property available. The multiple search and listing features make it easier than ever for renters to find the best property and for landlords to zero in on the right tenant. The easy to use web and mobile app set up makes it super easy to search, compare, and make an offer on any property listed on the site- no matter when or where you are. Stop wasting hours searching through regular rental property sites. Take it to the next level and get expert customer care, stellar listings, easy platform set up, and results unlike any you have seen before! It is all possible at LiveLovely!