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Listingbook makes it easy for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents to search for homes and properties and gives you access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and other important data about the homes and neighborhoods, including public records, recent and past sale prices, school information, local demographics, taxes rent and mortgage rates, shopping and recreational options in the area, and much, much more! When you get started with Listingbook is it easy to see why millions of buyers and sellers have made this their primary online search source for real estate and property. Your dream home is just a click away! Find the perfect home, in the perfect neighborhood, at the perfect price with Listingbook today!

What Listingbook Offers

Listingbook has a very comprehensive service platform that provides users with up-to-date information on homes and properties. Searching is easy with their unique and customized mapping and property features. The database of homes and listings is constantly being updated and revised so if you see a home listed, you know that it is available. If you have plans to sell your home, you can also use Listingbook to get an idea of what homes in your area are selling for and compare your home to others listed on the site. You can get a fair and accurate idea of your home’s value as well as tips, advice, and suggestions to help your home sell faster!

Listingbook gives you access to real estate formation that can help you see how your property compares to others on the site. Find homes for sale and look at ones that recently sold in your neighborhood; see what has brought millions of buyers and sellers to Listingbook and why it is the best real estate search engine on the web.

Cool stuff to know About Listingbook

Listingbook, LLC, has its headquarters in Greensboro, N.C., and the company works to provide an online client management platform that allows real estate agents, buyers, and sellers access to information on a variety of topics. The company has over 70 MLS clients and more than half of all agents nationwide. More than 175,000 real estate agents and 1.4 million home buyers and sellers have Listingbook accounts and there are more than one million unique visitors to the site each month.

How Listingbook Works- Getting Signed Up

Real estate agents are able to upload their listings and present their buying and selling clients the data they need via the Listingbook service. They are able to deliver to clients the most complete and accurate real estate related information that is available- and best of all, it is in one convenient place.

The site gives a quick and easy way for real estate agents to provide buyers and sellers with the information they need in order to make an informed decision about property and homes in their target area.

Signing up for Listingbooks is easy. It only takes a few steps to create a profile and account. You can select either an agent profile or a buyer/seller profile. Each has a slightly different set up process and offers different features and aspects to the site- each specially tailored to fit the needs of the user. Agents can get the information they need to show clients homes and properties and make sales. Buyers can see current rates and trends in the area to ensure they are not overpaying. Sellers get the opportunity to compare their asking price to current market trends to make sure they are not pricing themselves out of potential buyers. offers something for everyone, no matter what side of the real estate field you are on- and signing up is quick, easy, and painless!

A Valuable Tool

With Listingbook, you can make an informed purchase decision. Know it all with a customized Listingbook account and enjoy benefits such as:

  • Local population data and demographics
  • Housing price trends and tax rates
  • School profile information
  • Neighborhood characteristics
  • Education statistics for past years
  • Past and current employment statistics
  • Interactive comparison data for the target area
  • Detailed cost-of-living comparisons

Listingbook is committed to providing member with the best access to up-to-date data to help everyone using the sight the tools necessary to make a fully informed decision about their purchases. Get in touch with local real estate agent today and find all of the real estate data you could ever need.

For Agents

Agents have the ability to see client’s and prospect’s searches, their favorite properties, and received data on their real estate search behavior. You can also get a summary of activity at the end of each day. Real estate agents can know who on their client list is just casually looking and who is getting serious about their potential purchase. Listbook’s specially designed Client Manager gives you the ability to help more clients and give each client the attention they deserve. The client search information is an invaluable tool that helps you know when a client’s searches change and when their areas of focus drift or shift to something different. Stronger relationships are built with this collaboration and it is a better working relationship for all involved.

For Buyers and Sellers

Listingbook gives you access to the most accurate, inclusive, and up-to-date information that you need as either a buyer or a seller so you can stop wasting time and start finding the home or property that you have been looking for. Quit looking at properties that were just sold last week and make sure your dream home is also located in your dream neighborhood. Search the extensive listings with your terms with take advantage of the site’s custom mapping tools and other features. The Listingbook platform is easy to use and navigate and can make the home buying or selling process much easier and even enjoyable. This site can help you save time and money and make everything run much smoother.

You can be confident in knowing that you are trusting the very best in online real estate searches when you choose for your real estate needs!

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