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Get Rid of Old Stuff and Replenish With New Stuff Using Listia

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According to the Los Angeles Times, Listia is similar to eBay, the exception being that unlike eBay, everything on Listia is FREE. The Listia website has a very unique operational model which makes user experience very meaningful and exciting. Most people have tons of stuff in their homes, personal properties that they have owned over time and stopped using. Getting rid of these stuff is sometimes difficult, either because of emotional attachment, time constraints or even lack of avenue for disposal as most of them are still in great working condition. Listia fills a void by giving you that place where you can very easily offload your stuff that are no longer in use, declutter your wardrobe, shelves or home by giving off those things that are merely occupying space.

Listia has grown tremendously in size and popularity while its user base continues to see steady growth. Some of your favorite brands are also on display on Listia and these include but are not limited to Coach, Apple, Juicy Couture, Dyson, TOMS and Keurig among many others. As more people adopt this versatile web platform as a means of disposing of personal stuff, an increasing number of reviews and features are being provided by renowned media brands such as TechCrunch, The Los Angeles Times, Marshable, Washington Post, ABC and the among others. Listia is home to a population in excess of one million traders all eager to exchange stuff and have fun trading various items.

Signing Up To Join Listia

Joining Listia is one of the first steps towards beginning to enjoy the website and the service it offers you and other users. It is a very easy process to sign up and join as it is devoid of long protocols. You can rest assured that it is without any stress at all. Listia requires that users be a minimum of 18 years and when you sign up, you confirm by implication, that you are at least 18 years. Listia even gives you a major incentive to sign up by offering you 100 Bonus credits if you sign up using your Facebook account. This offer is quite irresistible considering the fact that credits are the major currency on Listia but signing up manually using your email right there on the website is also great.

To sign up with Facebook (and get those 100 bonus credits), you have to get to the Listia website homepage. The Sign Up link is located at the top left corner of the page. However, you will also be looking at a Sign Up form on the top half of the homepage and located at eye-level. You have the option of proceeding from there instead of navigating to the Sign Up page. Click on the blue ‘Sign Up With Facebook’ button placed just above the form and a small login window opens requiring that you login to your Facebook account. Having done that, you will be informed that the Listia app on Facebook will only be allowed to access your public profile, friend list and email address. To accept, click the ‘Okay’ button at the bottom of the window.

To sign up manually (and get 1,000 bonus credits), simply fill the form either directly on the homepage or the Sign Up page. There are three fields requiring your Username, Email address and selected Password. Complete the process by clicking the blue Sign Up button.

How To Use Listia

Using Listia is a very straightforward and fun process. The website was designed and the process structured to provide you with the best fulfillment from using Listia.

One of Listia’s most distinctive features is the fact that it possesses its own currency; Listia Creedits. These credits are used to bid for and purchase various items on the website. In order to make the user experience even more compelling, Listia has devised means by which its currency is earned by users. By getting involved in various activities and performing certain actions, you are rewarded with Listia Credits which you can then spend on the website. Here are some of such ways of earning the credits:

  • Signing Up: This gives an automatic 1,000 credits to you.
  • First Item Listing: When your first item gets listed, Listia instantly gives you a bonus 500 Credits.
  • Invite Friends: For each friend you invite who actually lists items for auction, Listia gives you 500 Credits for that first listing.
  • Facebook Connect: When you connect with Listia on Facebook, allowing the Listia app to access your Facebook account, you get 100 bonus Credits.
  • Twitter Connect: When you connect with Listia on Twitter, you get 100 bonus Credits.

There are actually three major steps involved in using the website and these are:

  • Declutter: This is your very first step in using the website for actual trading purposes. All you need to do is gather all the stuff you no longer use and these could be almost anything, ranging from toys to clothing and even DVDs. You only need to look around you for the stuff that are surplus to your needs but in great condition so you can get really good attention for them. You can just take a picture of the stuff and create a listing for it on Listia, selecting the number of days for which your auction will run. Listia users will see your listing and when they love your stuff, they will bid on them.
  • Earn Credits: Listia Credits are the currency of the website and one way to earn the currency is when people win your auctions. So, as your auction gets attention and people win, you will accumulate Credits which you can use.
  • Reward Yourself: You can use the Credits you have earned to also win other really cool stuff on Listia. As there are many other users who, like you, are making their own items available, you will also have the opportunity to acquire those items too.