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Listal – Publish Your Entertainment Interests

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The best part about social networks no matter what niche they cater for and no matter how broad or specific their focus is on is that they enable and empower the membership to get involved and to contribute to the community of other members. Rather than have information spoon fed to us by some big company executive who wants us brainwashed into their own way of thinking; social networks create an environment where no one need be interested in what the company executive thinks or desires. The social network executive is simply not relevant; and it is up to the membership to decide what is useful, interesting and relevant to discuss. In fact, when looked at in this light, social networking is pure democracy at work in its essence and form simply because there is no big boss political top down concepts at all. There is the membership and only the membership content available on any and every social networking platform.

Research Shows that Friends are Friends Based on Shared Likes and Dislikes

Listal is a perfect example of this. Listal is a social network that devotes its platform to enabling members to discuss anything entertainment related; including television shows and movies, DVDs, games of any kind, Music of any genre, books that have particularly enjoyed (or hated so much they are worth discussing), as well as actors and artists, authors and directors. More than just a place to rant or rave about anything entertainment related, it is also a platform to ìvoteî for or against anything entertainment related. And based on what you vote for, Listal will match your profile with other people who share your opinions so that you can reach out and make friends with them. That is, people with the same opinions and outlook of entertainment related things are highly likely to get on very well and make good online friends.

Listal is Free and Simple to Join

Joining Listal is simple and straight forward to do. They only want you to specify your online name, email address and desired password. Your login name then becomes a sub domain of Listal so that your profile is distinguishable from all others. And immediately upon creating your account, you are directed to where you complete your profile so as to be somewhat interesting to other members. Itís a very simple and intuitive profile creation page, and it only takes a few minutes to upload your picture or avatar, and to enter some information about yourself, what interests you and what collections of movies, books, music and games you have. The point is that the more interesting your profile is, the more friends who will find you and will like you; it is after all a social network where we intend to connect with others.

Track Your Charts and Your Friends

The real power of the Listal web site is the tools it has for tracking all and reporting to you all matters and items in the web site. That is, when you have added your collection, you are able to track and have updated for you all manner of statistical information about for example the actors in a movie in your collection, or the most read authors. You simply add your collection, and Listal does all the rest to aggregate and collection a continuous flow of data related to each of your items. And you can easily nominate which friends and contacts to follow too, such that you get advised when they have added or changed their collection list. You can create lists and charts of recommendations; perhaps of all movies in a particular genre like ìBest Action Movies of All Timeî or Best Classic Rock Musicians of All Timeî. The potential options for lists or charts are endless and entirely customizable to what you are interested in. And once you have created your chart, other members get to vote on it and you are able to track the results in real time by means of an RSS feed that you add to it.

Build Quality Friendships Based on Shared Entertainment Values

All in all, it is a social network which by definition means connecting to similar and like minded people who share your own values. And so Listal makes it easy to reach out and to talk with other members. This is partly true because online personal messaging is much less stressful than face to face chatting to new people. For example, people meeting for the first time in a night club or bar is very stressful for most people not skilled at it. Even though the venue has pre-selected the shared entertainment value of the two people meeting for the same time, it is often a drunken meat market which the majority of people are uncomfortable with. With Listal, the internal personal messaging system is simple and effective to use, as is adding people on the site to be your friends. Any message you send can be carefully considered, rather than the clumsy use of wit when face to face in a bar.

Your friends list makes it easy to remember who you have come to respect and probably have messaged on any subject previously; this is how deeper friendships get made. Indeed, social networking sites have gone a long way towards teaching people how to make friends. Most people have never been taught that making friends is a gift that you give to yourself and that by reaching out to others proactively on a consistent basis will see you have a large audience of friends. And Listalís platform is all about making that simple and easy by helping you to find those potential friends who share your entertainment based interests. Listal is not a dating site; but it is surprising how many people have found the perfect romantic partner Listal after first friends online based on the shared entertainment interests they find they have.

The best friends are those who share your own entertainment values, and Listal provides exactly the right platform for that.