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AOL LifeStream- Aggregator of All Your Social Netwroking Accounts

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Life before the Internet was always called the Information Age simply because computers were able to record all aspects of human life for governments and big business to store, monitor and control and in all those bits and bytes it seems we all lost our individuality somewhat with us all being defined by those zeros and ones locked away in a computer somewhere. Of course now we truly are in the Information Age because of the Internet where all the individual people regained their right to build and establish their own identity and persona online. Rather than have big business and governments being the only ones with our information, we became free to build and store our own records of what defines us. From any number of news sources we want to reach out to, through to a massive array of blogs, forums or social networks we may choose to get involved with, the Internet has returned to the people at least some semblance that we can control our own lives and how we choose to interact with others.

And with the Information Age came the reality of Information Overload, where there is simply far too much noise; too much information out there that we have to carefully focus our minds on what we most want to be involved with. Even so, it is quite common for people to use many different Instant messaging programs; for example MSN, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, QQ and the list goes on. So with just this one type of application, we can find ourselves with the equivalent of having five telephones on our desk. Then there are the social networks; where a person may be a member of a TV show social network, as well as MySpace, FaceBook as well as perhaps Digg, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter to just name a small few. The problem is and has always been; how to stay on top of every site and application? How can one person be regularly updated with all that is going on with so many information sources.

AOL LifeStream Solves the Problem of Information Overload

And this is where AOL LifeStream comes in. AOL LifeStream is an aggregator of content. By configuring your account the way you want, AOL LifeStream will pull together into one place all new content as it appears on a wide range of other sites. This enables you to browse the latest trends, see where people are (if they are on their mobile phones and have their GPS enabled); let them see where you are (subject to your mobile phoneís GPS settings) and you can track places as well as people.

AOL introduced AOL LifeStream in 2010 and it quickly swelled to a membership of two million people; earning AOL LifeStream its own divisional status as a business unit with AOL. And because it enables people to filter out the noise of their social networks, and that it makes keeping up to date with many places we normally spend our time on, AOL LifeStream has proved increasingly popular and is growing at a particularly fast rate.

Opening Your AOL LifeStream Account is Quick and Easy

Opening an account is very simple and easy to do. You only need to enter your email address and desired password with your date of birth and your phone number (optional). Do note that their account setup screen is very fussy about what it defines as a valid email address. For example, if your email address has a ì-ì in it, which is perfectly valid for a Hotmail email address, AOL LifeStream will not consider this valid. Once your account is opened and you have confirmed it by clicking the link in their confirmation email, you are ready to log in and to configure your profile. Everything is very simply laid out and intuitive to follow. Just click on each of the icons for all of the social networking sites you are probably a member of and provide your login details. This then enables AOL LifeStream to be able too access each of your accounts and to aggregate all your content into the one place.

Manage All Your Social Networking from AOL LifeStream

Then you are ready to use the system as it was intended. You can constantly change your ìStatusî for your friends and family to see. You can go completely mobile with AOL LifeStream if you want, with it having the necessary apps for iPhones and Android devices. By enabling your GPS settings on your phone, it will keep your AOL LifeStream account appraised of where you are at any time. And along with each account you add to your AOL LifeStream aggregation service, you can set each oneís privacy level to be open to everyone, or to just your friends or family.

And because AOL LifeStream works well with smart phones and iPhones, when you take pictures they are easy to upload to your account and publish for others to see them. This really is a case of the technologies of computers, telephones and television all coming together as one large converged technology because everything now talks to everything and we donít even need cables to move files from any device to our online life. AOL LifeStream saves a great deal of time by pulling together all of our social networking accounts, and from just the one dashboard of AOL LifeStream, we are able to post to all of our accounts. Of course if you want to directly into for example your FaceBook rather than work through the AOL LifeStream dashboard, that only takes the click of a button and no additional login is required. Even if you used AOL LifeStream for no other purpose than to log in to it once, so that you can quickly enter all your social networking sites; this alone does save a lot of time and annoying logging in to each one separately. Google Buzz had hoped to deliver what AOL LifeStream has done a great job doing.