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Life For Sale On eBay!

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Would you sell your life on eBay? Few people put all of their possessions up for sale on eBay, even if they are extremely unhappy. Surprisingly, this idea is becoming more popular. Those who decided to sell their lives on eBay recently included a heartbroken man from Perth, Australia, an eccentric English lord, and a woman from Florida.

David Piper

David Piper bought his title, ‘Lord of the Manor’ and his estate, Warleigh, in Plymouth, England for one million pounds. He dreamed of converting it into a hotel but after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, he decided to sell his life, including his estate and title, on eBay. He wants to move to London to be near his children.

Other possessions included in the sale are two hotels, two Bentleys, and a collection of contemporary paintings.

Bids for this eccentric lord’s life reached ten million pounds but he decided to call a halt to the auction, after discovering that the winning bidder didn’t have that kind of money. Piper also had other reasons for stopping the auction. There was no way of knowing whether other bidders had the necessary funds and conveyancing of land cannot be done over the internet in England. He also obtained advice that he should find out the details of bidder’s solicitors.

Piper re-listed most of his possessions, which have an estimated value of six million pounds, with various conditions. This time he will ensure that bidders have the necessary funds and provide him with details of their solicitors who must live in England.

Ian Usher

Heartbroken after his divorce, 44 year old Ian Usher also decided to sell his life. He told the Brisbane Times that: “My tale is a bit of a sad one, but I am not trying to sell anyone a sob story.”

Mr. Usher’s possessions included a three-bedroom house in Perth, a motor-bike, a jet-ski and a sky-diving kit. He also sold his spa bath and giant TV screen.

Even Usher’s job at a rug store in Perth and introductions to his friends were up for sale. Usher’s former employer was willing to employ the winning bidder if a two-week trial was successful.

Usher wanted to ‘jump on the first plane to anywhere’ after completing the sale. He hoped to make over $500,000.00 (AUD) but the winning bid was only $384,000.00 which was less than the value of his house.

His new goal is to complete 100 tasks, such as traveling across America, in 100 weeks.

Joanne Springberg

Joanne Springberg decided to sell her three-bedroom house in Jacksonville, Florida, after her husband had problems with his job and she started worrying about the housing market. She and her husband wanted to move to a rented apartment so that they could move easily if her husband was offered a new job somewhere else.

She put everything up for sale and estimated the value at $263,440.00. The sale included her car and even her board games, such as Scrabble. The only exceptions were her PC, clothing and pets.

The winning bid was only slightly less than the price she wanted, at $262,222.00.

The experiences of the three sellers show that selling one’s life on eBay is a huge risk. Springberg took a while to receive any bids at all and the others received many fake bids. David Piper actually stopped his auction and Ian Usher sold at a loss. Many will now think twice before putting their lives up for sale!

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