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Signing Up for LetterMeLater

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LetterMeLater is an online application that gives users a great independence on how to send their mails or text messages. LetterMeLater gives its users an opportunity of organizing their emails and letters in such a way that it is done and put ready before their actual date of use. In short, instead of having to send a letter, greeting, reminder, or an email on the day in which it is required, LetterMeLater offers a specific way of simply scheduling future send dates from your existing mail address. When the day of usage arrives, the email will in turn be sent for you by LetterMeLater. This application is mostly unique to recurring messages such as anniversaries or birthdays.

How to Sign Up For LetterMeLater?

Signing up for LetterMeLater is extremely easy. First you will have to open up the LetterMeLater website in your internet browser. The website address for LetterMeLater is If you are unable to click on the link to access the LetterMeLater website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL and again press “enter” on your keyboard. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see at the top right hand corner a tag labeled “sign up.” Once you have identified this tab, click onto it, immediately you do this it will lead you to a new website page that will provide you with an empty form to fill out. When you have found this form, fill out the provided parts effectively and with the right information. Fill out this form first with your name, then follow it with your primary email address, once you have done this, you will move onto the next part that gives you the opportunity to either change the time zone that has been set, or maintain the default time zone which you have been provided with. Once you have done this, choose a password that you intend to use. If possible you can stick to your email address password since you will use both of them to log in. After this fill in the text that you have been provided with and then click on the part labeled “create account” in order to move on to the next web page where you will be informed that a confirmation email has been sent to your email account. The instruction is also clear that you should access this email and click on to the link provided in it to access your account. Therefore open a new window and log into your email account. Once you do so access the confirmation email from your unread emails. On clicking the mail open you will be able to see the LetterMeLater logo and instruction on where to click. Click on to that link to simply activate your LetterMeLater account and to start enjoy the LetterMeLater services.

How LetterMeLater Works

With a signed up integrated email account, simply click on “compose mail” then fill in the following, the originator of the mail, the recipient or recipients, the subject, when to send and choose the format to send it into, whether in text or html, and lastly you can choose if it’s a recurring message or not. With that done save your mail and leave the rest to be done by LetterMeLater. When the time of sending that you requested for reaches, the document will be automatically sent.

Merits of LetterMeLater

Having signed up for LetterMeLater you will not wait to start enjoying the benefits that comes with it. LatterMeLater will of course have a place for you, since it offers a free LetterMeLater package that permits up to 30 emails to be sent in a month, up to 10 recipients per email, 2MB file limit per mail and a maximum of 10MB total per account. However if you see the need to upgrade your account LetterMeLater will still give you that exact opportunity with an affordable fee for a yearly upgrade, LetterMeLater will provide you with a maximum of 400 mails per month, with the same number of recipients permitted on every mail that you send. Also the file attachment limit per mail will increase to not more than 10MB per recipient and a total of 50MB per mail. Having such opportunity is very important to the business world and that is why it would be advisable to have it.

LetterMeLater will also provide you with timely deliveries of messages. This will assist you to managed your time well and grant an opportunity of the business to realize maximum output as a result. In addition to this, LetterMeLater will grant its users a great convenience by the kind of integrations that it provides to the formats of both the messages and email platforms. With such a great integrated interface, LetterMeLater will ensure that its users can send their messages on any format without having to worry that the content of their files will be interfered with in any way.

LetterMeLater is simply an exceptional app when it comes to greater email sending control. However its most appealing factor is the great seamless integration that it has with other web applications. In fact new users do not have to change their email addresses instead they can simply use their existing email addresses by integrating LetterMeLater features on them. This application is great for both individual and business users, in addition to that you do not need to worry about LetterMeLater giving any slight form of suggestion to the recipients’ of your sent emails that the mail was scheduled through a third party application, since LetterMeLater will deliver your emails without any changes to it.

LetterMeLater is simple to use and has equally simple features to deal in. The ability to send pre scheduled emails, effective file sending, group messaging opportunity, management and planning of recurring emails, and no change on the delivered mail. With all these features trusting LetterMeLater to give you successful delivery is not an option. I have LetterMeLater and its giving such a lovely service. Try it today and indeed have a hustle free day.