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Lead411 – Perhaps the Best Online List Broking Resource for Direct Marketing

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At the end of the day, all businesses are made or lost on having customers or not. With the best product or service in the world, it means nothing if the business does not have sufficient numbers of customers paying sufficiently lucrative prices for those goods or services. And so it has come to pass that we have sales and marketing groups within businesses. That is, it is rarely enough to merely communicate with potential customers by means of advertising the range of products and services a business has available, leaving it up to the customer to initiate contact. Almost always the business must be proactive and reach out to the potential customer and persuade them to buy products and services and as such, direct marketing is a massive industry employing millions of people and driving tens of billions in sales.

Yet when a business sets out to enter the field of direct marketing their offerings, the first questions are ìwho is the target marketî; and who to reach out to? Business of course should have a clear idea about the demographic of the market they should be servicing. As an extreme example to make the point; it would be pointless to market charter helicopter services to the unemployed and homeless. The simple fact is that nothing beats having accurate and reliably current contact details of the decision makers within the target company including email address and telephone number, position title and reporting relationships. The next most useful information to have the complete contact information for all those people who influence those same decision makers. When armed with this level of target information, strategic selling operations have the best prospects of success.

Lead 411 is the List Broker, and Executive News Aggregator

Lead 411 is a ìlist brokerî with a few differences. Yes users can gain lists for CEO, CFO, COO and VP positions held by top United States executives; but Lead 411 is also a resource to help people stay informed on the cutting edge of company and executive news items. In this sense, Lead 411 is like an aggregator of news and press releases pulling the information into the one easy to use platform. Users are able to simple search on any executive or company name to get the latest information that has been released to the market. But Lead 411 is more than just a list broker and a company and executive news aggregator; it is a blog with three professional writers who contribute knowledge and wisdom on how to direct market most effectively when using the services of Lead 411ís list information. In fact Lead 411 is a lot like its own Customer Relationship Management software application, and when you login to your account you are greeted by a dashboard for you to navigate to where you need to be. Within all the contacts in your login that you are tracking, you can check for any alerts for news about them. Or you can use its ìLead Houndî to find new potential leads for your products and services and these contacts can be found per state, by date range of when news may have been released and what industry you are interested in.

Opening Your Account Gets to Added to the Contact Database

Opening your account is more difficult and time consuming than most web sites that you may have joined over the years. That is, while there is the trial offer free account that does not need a credit card, they do want a fair amount of information about you including the company name and position title you hold at that company and also your telephone number, the number of sales people and what type of Client Relationship Management (CRM) software your company uses if any. However it makes sense for Lead 411 to be collecting this information as it helps Lead 411 to better tailor its services to registered members and much as their clients also become business executive list information for the benefit of other members. The bottom line is that after registering your account, it is a simple matter to use the dashboardís menu system to customize and shape your profile so that you can search for and attract those leads in your target industry and geographic area. Over time as you build up your contact list, you are able to be quickly informed on any news item out in the wild about the target company or its executives both up to the current day as well as historically. This all means that in your dealings with the decision makers you are about to demonstrate just how well informed and up to date you are.

Add Your Own Companies and Get Lead 411 to Track All News Events

And Lead 411 does not limit you to only those companies in its database; rather Lead 411 encourages you and facilitates you adding your own target companies into the system so as to be able to then track any information and news about them and to be able to use the Customer Relations Management functionality of Lead 411. Being able to download in Excel spreadsheet format the complete database from Lead 411 is available to premium (paid for) memberships. And it already contains extensive information far beyond just email and telephone contact details; and with it already covering three hundred thousand companies and over three and a half million business executives, it is extensive and broadly based across most industry types.

Hundreds of Thousands of Companies; Millions of Executives Tracked

There are many list brokers on the internet, and the currency and accuracy of the contact data varies widely from most accurate to the other extreme of being barely relevant or useful. With the power of Lead 411ís news aggregator keeping every listed executive and company up to date with the latest news and mentions of those people and companies, together with the total Customer Relationship Management functionality built into Lead 411 and its direct marketing training resource, the services of Lead 411 present great value for professional marketing people.