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Klout – Measure Online Influence

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What is Klout?

Klout is a way for you to keep track of what influence you are having on others online. Every time you do something online you have an influence of some kind. Klout exist in order to gauge exactly what that influence is. Big companies like Disney make use of Klout for business purposes in order to gauge the influence they are having and how to gauge the influence that others are having. This is a great business tool for you to keep track of how well your business is doing.

Defining a Klout Score

A Klout score takes information from the social networks you use to measure how much Klout, or influence, you have in the online world. A Klout score will be something from 1 to 100, with 1 being the worst and 100 being the best. This is measures on three dimensions, namely True Reach, Amplification, and Network Score. True Reach is imply how many people you influence. Amplification refers to how much you influence these people. Network Score refers to how influential the people you are influencing are. An average Klout score is defined as 20 because it is much harder to increase your influence and score as you move up the scale. Influence is relative, so a ‘good’ score is defined on a number of different criteria for each individual situation.

Using Klout

At an individual level you influence others whenever you, for example, convince your friends to go and see a movie. With Klout you will be able to learn how you influence others, and you will learn how to use this to your advantage.

With Klout you can:

  • Benchmark your success
  • Understand who you influence
  • Discover who to trust in the topics you care about
  • Earn Klout Perks
  • Put your Klout score on your resume

Brands run Klout Perks. Klout Perks are:

  • Exclusive products or experiences you earn based on your Klout
  • A way for brands to connect with influential agents in their area of expertise
  • Ways for influencers to get benefits

Therefore brands can encourage people who are good influencers to influence others in favour of their brand, or ‘perk’ that they are interested in marketing. In return the influencer gets a reward.
You can monitor your Klout score to see which of your tactics are working best in marketing your company’s products.

Klout privacy

With Klout you will be absolutely private. Advertisers will never be informed of who you are. Advertisers will give Perks to you through Klout, so in this way Klout acts as a sort of middle man. Advertisers give Perks to people they see as influential in the hope that they will try the product and influence others to try it to. However, even once you have claimed a perk that you are interested in your details will not be given to the advertiser, and you are also not obligated to say anything about the product at all once you have tried it. Klout will never access your Facebook and Twitter information and they will never give your details out to anyone. You are completely safe when it comes to privacy and using the Klout system.

I don’t get it…

You may be a little confused about why brands would want to give you free stuff. It may seem too good to be true or like some kind of scam with strings attached. However, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If you have a high Klout score it means that you have a lot of influence with a lot of people. You are able to easily convince other people to like something, do something, or try something. Companies look at your Klout score and decide whether or not you are someone who they are willing to invest a product in, in the hope that if you like it, you will convince the various people you have influence on to buy this product. There is no obligation for you o advertise the product. You can say nothing about it all if you don’t want to. And, if you do want to say something about the product to all of the people you influence, this doesn’t need to be something good. You can speak your mind about the product. Unlike advertising agencies paid by companies you are not obligated to be nice even if you don’t like something. If your Klout score is high then you should be in line to get a lot of free stuff.

Qualifying for Perks

In order to qualify for Perks you must be 18 years or older, and you should keep your Klout profile carefully up to date so that Klout can match you with Perks more easily. If you are constantly influencing other people on specific topics then companies who specialise in those topics may be interested in offering your Perks. By doing this they hope that you will influence others positively regarding their product or service. Sometimes Perks are based on very specific criteria, and not all of the perks are always displayed in Klout. Make sure that your profile is up to date at all times in every detail so that the right perks for you cane easily be found.

Increasing your Klout score

To increase your Klout score you should
– Constantly create content that many other people will want to share and respond to
– Link all of your social networks so that the picture given is more accurate

Klout is easy to use and can be very beneficial to you if you are interested in getting things for free from many different brands. If you are someone who feels that you have a big influence on the lives of others, then you may want to go to right away and register. Once you have registered remember to keep your profile updates, to keep checking for Perks that you qualify for, and to keep on networking to keep your Klout score up. Success is only a few clicks away.