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With the Internet now approaching twenty years of age in the sense of general access by the wider public to serve their social interactions and information needs, as well as software as a service business models; education has been slowly but surely moving towards a model of delivering course materials to students, most particular those students from afar who cannot attend the classroom in person. And while many of these online institutions are making inroads into how a higher quality of course material can be offered when compared to face to face student teacher meetings in the classroom ñ by means of professionally produced video content using lecturers of a higher caliber than the average teacher tends to be able to offer; some of these online educational software as a service solutions also enable the entire school system to be administered by the back end functionality of the software. So it becomes more than just a teaching and instructional tool; rather it becomes the entire school in every aspect.

One such component of the big picture of these applications now available on the Internet was My Edu. Commenced in 2008 in Austin Texas, it was first known as Pick a Prof; with its purpose being to enable prospective students to be able plan and structure their degree course by identifying the academic staff who were most likely to fit well with what the student saw as appropriate for them and the subjects they were intending to undertake.

Started in 2008 as Pick a Prof, My Edu was renamed to the Next Year

In 2009 Pick a Prof changed its name to My Edu, and it enables students to look after themselves as they wade through all of what they need to plan and contemplate for the tertiary education, as well as access to employment opportunities from within the My Edu interface. Now with more than five million students as members, and with more than eight hundred schools registered with My Edu and more than five hundred thousand job vacancies on the books, the site certainly has taken off with a storm. University of Texas was the first educational institution to sign up with My Edu and to open its student records to the My Edu software for students to access. And more recently they were granted ten million dollars of venture capital funding to further develop the business model.

Free to Open a My Edu Basic Account; Facebook Account is Mandatory

Opening an account is simple and free. The only details needed are your name, email address and desired password. When you are logged in, they of course want you to sign in with your Facebook account; which they claim is not to help them spread the word to your contact list that you are now a member of My Edu so as to create some level of viral spread of the My Edu message. And let us not forget that Facebook began its life as the social network for college students when it was first launched. In fact having a Facebook account is not optional, because many of the apps that come with My Edu have been custom designed to interact with the Facebook platform. Subsequent to that, you are encouraged to edit and update your profile with which college you are attending or seeking to attend; your expected graduation date and what course major you are committed to. All of this information will assist the My Edu application to match your potential career options with the hundreds of prospective employers they also have on the books.
The next stage is to add your friendís details so as to allow the My Edu suite of applications to understand your relationships. My Edu is in fact a suite of online products with are only free for the barebones basics, and they are designed to help students to streamline the whole process of a college degree study lifecycle. The different modules range from selecting the college before enrolment through the tools helpful to planning how to earn that degree. Therefore the apps include detailed descriptions of the courses, how the respective system of grade distributions work, plus any official course evaluations. There is also opportunity to consider any student reviews that have been posted by previous students who have undertaken the course so as to assist members to make the right decisions about which classes to sign up for, and My Edu also has a schedule Planner to help build the most time effective schedule ñ with all the apps working together to ensure that the studentís time constraints and goals are achieved in a managed way and not forgotten over time.

All Modules Cost $20 a Year

To access the full suite of apps found within My Edu it will cost twenty dollars per year as things stand now. But your initial free account will always be free which is understandable given its limited functionality. The important thing to note is that My Edu does not at this point in time offer any online teaching course materials of any kind; and that it is unlikely to ever offer such functions given that the eight hundred colleges that have signed up to the system already tend to jealously guard against competition for their massive fees income they currently generate. As such the My Edu software as a service is primarily designed to lighten the load of school administrators by enabling students and prospective students to help themselves; thus reducing the schools need to fund so many student guidance counselors of the paid for human variety. And without doubt, at the other end of things, My Edu will expect to gain revenue streams from the employers who are able to successfully fill their job vacancies from the same information supplied by the students and verified by the colleges who open up their books to the My Edu web site when they sign up. It remains to be seen how large the My Edu venture will grow, but given it has only been around for four years, more than five million student members is already most impressive.