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Kid Blog Org- Ideal Teaching Tool for Writing, and Blogging Software

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Word Press has long been recognized as an outstanding Content Management System (CMS) platform. Now with tens of thousands of plugins, most of them for free; many paid for by users who wish to enjoy the functionality of whatever special plugin someone has coded, the sheer scope of what can be done with the Word Press is only limited by the imagination. One very special use of it has been by Kid Blog Org, which is perfectly suited for teachers to use in the classroom with their students. The idea behind it is to encourage students to be excited for writing blog posts and as a consequence, to learn how blogging platforms work. And there can be no doubt about how fundamentally important blogging is in the social and professional world; so it is more than reasonable for students to become intimately familiar with how it all works. The fact is that Word Press is a remarkably simple program to learn how to use, and its intuitive nature lends itself to people understanding it simply by using it. And what Kid Blog Org have done is customize the interface, and enable teachers to create a master account so as to invite their students into this classroom blogging software tool with a special code the teacher supplies them with.

With its Intuitive Interface, Teachers and Students Alike Can Quickly Make Great Use of Kid Blog Org

Kid Blog Org has made the interface extremely kids friendly and appealing and have already built in every conceivable plugin that could ever be needed by the teacher and students alike. Collectively these plugins enable users to go far beyond posting text; so that they can also embed audio, video, slideshows, podcasts, any kind of artwork, and Google Docs. Users can also embed their favorite Web 2.0 tools like Animoto, Glogster and Storybird. The teacher opens the account which then recreates the master platform designed by Kid Blog Org and within seconds ñ the time it takes to confirm the teachers email address, the Kid Blog Org Software as a Service has created the complete and installed classroom for the teacher under the teacherís user name in the teachers sub domain name. From there, the teacher gives out the unique code to the students so that they also can log in. The students do not need to create their account or divulge their email addresses. It all only takes a few minutes to organize, and of course it is free for non premium accounts.

A Fully Customizable Word Press CMS Platform

Perhaps one of the best things about Kid Blog Org is how easy it is to work with for the kids. They donít need to remember complex user names and passwords. They simply need to remember the name of the classroom the teacher has created, and then login with their own name. This system works so well because the teacher has already enrolled the student names in the classroom; and of course the students donít forget their own name. By default, the site already has its directory structure laid out, and as students are added at any time, they gain their own direction which appears in a list down the right hand side of the blog. All blog posts appear in the main body of the page, listed in chronological order of when they were posted. The visitor hit counter is already installed, and tags and blog roll are similarly already installed and activated. The main tabs at the top of the screen enable people to read their own blogs or to create and post new content. And when any blog is posted, it shows at the bottom the standard comments box for other visitors to leave whatever relevant blog comment they wish to leave.

Students Now have 24 Hour a Day Access to the Classroom

To those already familiar with Word Press, despite all the interface customization by Kid Blog Org, everything functionality wise is entire the same. Any new post can be set to allow comments or not, saved as a draft or posted, made public or private to the classroom or trashed if that is the decision taken. Preview functions work fine, and the posting of the blog can be scheduled for a future time. Under the settings tab, there are fourteen alternative themes or skins to choose from, which are simple to change at will. Widgets can be turned on or off at the click of a button so as to continue showing the default visitor statistics, tags, blog directory and blog roll items on the public page. Under the general tab, users can set and select the time zone, whether or not the Secure Sockets Layer should be turned on or off for logging in; the classroom name can be changed as can the date format; and the blog can be configured for mobile devices if desired. And of course users can be added or deleted as students come and go.

Overall, the Kid Blog Org web site is a great teaching and communicative tool. Students will quickly grasp all aspects of the power of blogging and as a result have a vested interest in expressing themselves in writing; rather than the old and boring ways of writing essays. Not only will the students be happier working with computers, their creative minds will be excited to craft their own posts and they will gain an understanding of how blogging software works while they do it. At an administrative level, it is a simple and easy matter to overview the activities of the student input; and after hours, parents will have easy online access to proudly review the work of the kids whereas prior to the internet, everything was done on paper and rarely able to be reviewed by those same parents. And because it is a twenty four hour a day platform, nothing prevents the students from logging in at home and continuing with their blogging adventures.