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Karma CRM – Need to Know Info

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There are many great perks waiting to be discovered at Karma CRM, and each and every one of them can help you manage your business more effectively, market to a wider audience, and grow profits. Best of all, the site is user friendly and compatible with most services and systems

Sales Automation

Karma CRM has a unique Sales Automation set up that allows you to gain more profits and improve performance by doing more with less and making the best use of the resources you have on hand. The team being Karma wants to help every customer find a way to automate as much of your daily routine as possible, with the ultimate goal of allowing them to use their time to improve business relations rather than wasting time imputing files and data into the computer. Whether it’s sales process task templates, bulk updating, or sending out mass emailings, Karma can help you get back to handling business and handle the data entry for you!

Karma offers many useful templates that you can use in your day to day business operations that will save you time and money. The most popular template options include:

  • Task Templates- With task templates, Karma makes it is easier than ever to add multiple sales templates and use them in any of your communications, whether they be with team members, customers, clients, or the media. These templates can be tailored to fit your needs and you also have the option of setting up reminder for the events so you and your team do not have to worry about forgetting an important task or missing a deadline. Task templates are a great way to help guide your team so everyone stays on the same page.
  • Record Templates- These handy templates will help you streamline and regulate the process of data collecting, record keeping, and filing. They allow you to create baseline templates for common tasks that you do over and over again so you can avoid wasting time setting up the template each and every time you need to complete that task. You are able to pre-set your record templates beforehand, which will help you speed up your record creation process. This means you can get more done in less time.
  • Email Templates- If you end up sending out the same emails over and over again, using email templates will save you a lot of precious time and allow you to spend more time on the more important tasks of your business. Connect with even more customers in less time! Stop wasting time typing the same thing over and over- use a template and manage your money more efficiently.
  • SMS / Email Reminders- With Karma you can set up reminders for tasks and/or events, and be notified of these events via text on your cell phone, or via email, or both! Tired of updating a ton of data, item by item, to keep your CRM up-to-date? Save yourself time and cut down on the headache and hassle with Karma’s handy bulk update features. They provide many different bulk actions so you can manage and control your data any time anywhere quickly and easily.

Signing Up With Karma

Karma CRM has a quick and very user friendly system in place and getting started is fast and easy! You can complete basic registration in under a minute and begin browsing and discovering the tools Karma offers. There is no credit card information required for the free trial of Karma CRM. You can sign up for one of the various membership plans once your free trial is over and never miss a beat and keep all of your documents, files, and templates you created during your trial. It is super easy to get started with Karma!

Discover the Karma Difference

With the tools and access Karma CRM gives you, you are well on your way to experiencing business growth and productivity like you never have before! As a member, you and your business can take advantage of the following systems, platforms, applications, and tools:

Filtering and Querying- Even the best set up and managed CRM is only as good as the data you can get out of it. Karma makes it easier than ever to search and organize your files by searching for target keywords and phrases while excluding other words or phrases. You are also able to provide date ranges when filtering, so you can search for recent documents or past records quickly and easily.

Unified Experience- It is very important for you to always know where things stand with your contacts, and this is why Karma has set up its platform to allow you and your team members to have access to the same information. In any given contact, you will be able to see notes, emails, tasks, events, files, and even a full activity history.

Automatic Social Profile Lookups- Quickly and easily find contact information and other data for important contacts and find them on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and more. Stay in touch with the clients and customers who help keep your business going and build stronger connections and relationships with them.

Map Plotting- One of Karma’s most interesting features is the interactive map set up. With this application you can map out the location of your clients. This can help give you a better idea of where your strongest customer base is located and can provide valuable information when it comes to your communication, promotions, advertising, and research for future events and products.

Your Dashboard, Your Way- Customize your Karma dashboard to reflect the needs of you and your team. Hide aspects that you do not want or need and highlight the area that are most vital to your business. Stay in touch and make sure every team member has what they need to do their job- nothing more, nothing less- it is all up to you and the power is in your hands.

Internal Private & Group Chat- Chat with any team member via private message or chat, or host a team-wide group chat. However you need to keep in touch with your team, Karma gives you the tools you need to get the job done!

Final Thoughts on Karma

Karma CRM has a unique Sales Automation set up that allows you to gain more profits and improve performance by doing more with less and making the best use of the resources you have on hand. Karma offers many useful templates that you can use in your day to day business operations that will save you time and money!