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Maximize Customer Experience Management With Kampyle

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Marketing departments in most enterprises would state that turning customers into brand evangelists is the holy grail of marketing. At that point, brands can rely on the customers to do the selling for them via unsolicited word-of-mouth efforts. While many enterprises desire this outcome, many do not achieve it and that is why it is referred to as the Holy Grail. Competition gets fiercer by the day and new products enter into the market regularly, challenging existing products’ positions. New technologies are also introduced that cause disruption in the market, throwing products which have been long established into confusion and placing their bottomline into reverse gear. In other words, each day brings fresh challenges due to the fluid market dynamics thus necessitating a new approach. Ever-changing market dynamics demand that the customer be kept focused on the brand and remaining, not just a loyalist but also an advocate of the product.

As customers have become more demanding, it has also become imperative that marketing departments devise means by which customers’experiences with the brand are tailored to perfection, well-guided and properly channeled. This is a very difficult feat to achieve considering the fact that the field referred to as Customer Experience Management (CEM) is relatively new and the adaptation of technology to make achieve its optimal CEM outcomes is also developing. However, there are online platforms that have been able to leap ahead and establish themselves within the CEM space by providing cutting edge tools, incisive insights and brilliant methodologies to achieve uncommon outcomes.

Kampyle is a provider of CEM solutions that assists enterprises in maintaining a positive bottomline. Kampyle leverages its innovative methodologies to derive actionable intelligence for enterprises globally. Recognizing the fact that many enterprises possess a lot of data but acutely lack the proper tools to parse and convert that data into intelligence upon which key business decisions can be taken, Kampyle has developed a range of solutions that cut across various departments and industries with a singular goal; making customer king.

The customer is at the epicenter of all Kampyle CEM efforts. It is focused on understanding the customer; what s/he wants, engaging the customer, converting prospects to customers while influencing customers into becoming brand evangelists. By doing this, sales are improved rapidly while marketing and sales results are greatly enhanced. Kampyle helps enterprises engage their customers on a realtime basis while distilling deep insight from the process. By relying on cutting-edge tools to distill critical business information, Kampyle ensures that enterprises are equipped to capture leads and optimize conversions. Typical customer abandonment of products at various points in the transaction is reduced and as a result, customer satisfaction is increased while profits are maximized.

Kampyle has succeeded in designing solutions that work in diverse industries and work landscapes. In addition, the platform’s solutions also work using various channels with high impact across board. All Kampyle solutions have a common denominator; they are data-driven and designed to provide keen intelligence for important decision-making. The following are the industries in which Kampyle has deployed its solutions:

  • Ecommerce
  • Financial Services
  • Travel
  • Telecoms
  • Energy Utilities
  • Media
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit
  • Public Sector

Kampyle also has key experience in working in these departments; C-Suite, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support and Analytics. In carrying out its brief within these industries and departments, Kampyle aims at achieving certain impact and these include cutting customer churn while reducing support costs. They aim to stem cart abandonment while increasing conversions. Furthermore, building satisfaction and loyalty and maximizing lifetime value are key impacts which Kampyle aims to achieve. The following are channels with which Kampyle works:

  • Website: Kampyle’s focus in this channel is to help the enterprise get its website to work for it optimally. This entails understanding customer perceptions, challenges and needs at every single stage of their visit to the website. Clients can track customer satisfaction scores and engage customers at critical moments.
  • Mobile: Kampyle helps clients to build mobile websites that are capable of delivering consistent and positive experiences for users. Integration of insights across touchpoints is order to provide a 360 viewpoint of customer feelings and thoughts about the mobile site and brand is also carried out.
  • In-branch: This involves physical contact and is absolutely vital for user experience to be on-point. Kampyle helps clients to get feedback from customers at the very right time in order to ensure that the data is accurate. The feedback acquired from the data-driven activities are immediately useful and the appropriate person takes effective action. Additionally, non-buyers receive the right message about the enterprises’ desire to develop a relationship with them.
  • Multi-channel: Kampyle helps clients to understand channel roles thus putting them in a position to evaluate impacts occurring between channels, make cross-channel comparisons while being able to aggregate and segment results.

Kampyle has enjoyed the patronage of some of the most renowned corporate brands globally and in diverse industries. These clients include but are not limited to Swisscom, Telstra, Citrix, Nationwide, Yahoo!,, Fairfax Media, SurfStitch and Thomas Cook among others.

Signing Up to Use Kampyle

Kampyle is not a hosted application in the mould of most online services. There are no pay-as-you-go packages purchased by clients thus, there is no signing up process. Kampyle however provides an opportunity for interested enterprises to test-drive its system by requesting for a demo. To do this simply get to the website homepage and locate the ‘Request Demo’ tab along the right margin of the page. This link is present on every single page although in some cases, as a button. Click on the tab/button (where applicable).

Once the ‘Request a Demo’ tab or link is clicked, a window pops up on the screen which contains five fields;

  • Your Name
  • Your Work Email
  • Your Website
  • Your Phone
  • Department (select from drop-down list)
  • Any comments (you may have)

Once you fill in these fields, simply hit the ‘Send’ button in order to dispatch the request.