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JotForm – Remarkably Easy to Use Form Builder Web Site

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The Internet has gone through several new iterations as it continues to develop and flourish, and yet it still mostly involves web sites. Certainly the internet has moved away from just static information provided by the web site owner for people to access and read to now include a very large and much more powerful design where users create and contribute their content. Ranging from forums and blogs to the vast array of social networking sites; the web 2.0 internet has become far more dynamic and useful because information is no longer just a top down push out and disseminate affair. And as most web site owners and developers know, one of the most complex yet important web pages their site probably must have is a form for users to fill out and submit. And these forms usually have a database at the back end to collect and store all of the information so that it can be interrogated later, reported on and otherwise used the way it was intended.

And forms can be built with many different types of components including the heading, perhaps several text fields, radio choice items, check boxes, drop down lists, file uploading features and last but far from least the submit button. Many of these fields may or may not need data validation rules so that for example alphabetic characters cannot be entered into telephone number fields and some or all of the fields may or may not be mandatory or optional components for the user to fill out.

Forms Are the Essence of Most Web Sites

JotForm is a software as a service web site where all of the tools necessary to build a web page form are hosted on their server, and their menu system is very graphical and simple to understand. From the left hand menu, it is easy to add any form component and many of the usual and typical fields are just one click away. So when building a form that must collect full name details, the userís email address, their home address, phone number and even birthdate are all just one click of the item and it appears on your draft form. At the top right hand corner is a button on your new field which you click to access the fields properties and from the drop down properties list, you can set the field to be required or not and you can move it up or down your field list, duplicate it or access the full properties list of options.

The JotForm Tool Kit is Simply Brilliant to Use

JotForm has a special tool kit dedicated to surveys; where a star rating can be added, scale rating, grading, sliders, range, spinner, matrix form collapse and page breaks can all be added to your survey form, again with just the click of your mouse. Just as easy to add are a date and time field, a password box, a unique ID box, Captcha anti spam functionality and auto complete. And what makes JotForm especially easy to use is being able to add a wide range of payment option including PayPal, PayPal Pro, Authosize.Net, Google checkout, 2CO, ClickBank, and WorldPay to just name a few of the preconfigured options.

All Popular Payment options Can be Added to Your Form with One Click

And so as a web based, ìWhat You See is What You Get form builder, JotForm is all about ease of use and dragging and dropping any component to exactly where you want them quickly and efficiently without needing any HTML programming skills. When the form has been built, it is then hosted on the JotForm servers and is ready to be integrated into the web site designerís site. For small users, JotForm is completely free enabling users to process up to one hundred form submissions per month, and ten payments can be processed. For busier web site owners, the premium price starts at just under ten dollars per month with entitles the user to up to one thousand form submissions per month, and up to one thousand payments processed per month. The free account has a space quota of one hundred megabytes which is ample for most peopleís needs. The first level of premium service has a ten gigabyte space quota.

750,000 People Use JotForm for Their Form Building

With more than three quarters of a million users, JotForm has definitely been road tested and found to be a highly reliable service. Itís one click menu structure is so simple that any child could build a complex form in minutes; whereas only a few years ago it would have needed high level programming skills to do. When the form is completed and integrated with your web site, you thereafter get emails for each submission that is made by people using your form. You donít have to worry about the complexity of managing databases at the back end of your web site; that is all taken care of for you by JotForm.

There is a user forum to support users, but it is not particularly busy which would reflect the ease of use of the JotForm software and that people simply donít have problems with it that they need assistance with. And to make life even easier, JotForm have a massive number of form templates that you can start with and then modify as you see fit. These form templates cover just about every possible form you can think of, and as an example, there are one hundred and sixty six contact form templates to choose from to get you started and I would estimate about one thousand templates freely available for you to use. The user guide is just as easy to use as the rest of the web site, and who ever designed the JotForm site knows a great deal about making the site simple and easy to use. It is rare to find a web site with such a logical and well thought out user experience in mind and the people at JotForm are to be commended for their effort.