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Job Fox – Employment Site Scanning and Alert Service Using Key Words

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As the internet has rapidly evolved over the past nearly twenty years, not only get massively faster from the dialup modem days to advanced countries like Japan and Hong Kong having gigabit fiber into the home; and moving from static web pages where web site provided all the information one direction down to the visitor to where we now have millions of Software as a Service running on cloud servers enabling the visitors to generate much more interesting and empowering content, it is all now a truly powerful resource that few of us can live without. When moving house for example, it is not the lugging of heavy boxes and furniture that is annoying; rather it is the issue of not being connected to our social networks, email, banking and investment information and generally being out of touch with the world. Most of us now are deeply connected to much more people and routinely transcend national geographic boundaries in our every day, online persona. And this connectedness extends through to employment opportunities for those of us who work in the digital world by means of the Internet.

Imagine Being Able to Aggregate 50 Major Employment Sites Under One Account

There are many web sites devoted to matching the needs of employers seeking valuable contractors to undertake a vast range of functions; ranging from virtual assistants, programmers, data entry personnel, writers, graphic artists, search engine optimization specialists and the list goes on. All of these sites have a mechanism to make sure that the employer gets what he has paid for, and the contractor is guaranteed of getting paid before commencing the agreed to work for the agreed upon fees. Members create their profile describing their skillsets, employers list their vacancies and subsequent negotiations result in a contract deal being agreed to. And whilst some of these employment web sites are very large, such as Freelancer and Elance, maintaining profiles and accounts across all of these sites would be a significant drain on time and energy. And so an interesting business model has emerged in the form of Job Fox. Job Fox is a job scanning and search integrator of career networking sites, and if it worked, it could shift the balance of the traditional jobs notice board model completely upside down.

Job Fox Has Huge Plans for Their Service; But Only the Key Word Scanning Partly Works

That is, imagine if you did not need to log in to all of the many employment web sites; rather that you simply register your email address and submit key words most likely to point to a job advertised somewhere on one of the jobs web sites that it (Job Fox) scans. When it finds any job listed on any of these sites, it simply emails you with sufficient details to log in and perhaps make a bid for the project. In this sense, instead of the job seeker focusing on finding open job listings within their skill set, Job Fox is especially designed to scan fifty of the leading employment sites, and to email you with those ones that meet your key words criteria. Whilst Job Fox has plans to develop their business model to also showcase the top job candidates and to give contractors their own professionals personal-branding pages with mobile tracking of resumes, and enhanced communications with employers, at this point in time Job Fox is only capable of the emailing you when it finds a keyword match for a new job listed on one of those fifty web sites it scans.
And so if they deliver on their future plans, the Job Fox site will allow professionals to market their particular skills, talents, work-styles and career aspirations in a timely manner. Whilst part time opportunities abound, so do many full time possibilities present themselves requiring candidates to showcase their unique career strengths and receptiveness to changing career paths. On face value, the Job Fox system of intelligently using technology that uses publically available data from many employment web sites to provide suggestive matches between individuals and their potential employers makes great sense. Their plans to make available built-in widgets that can enable candidates to readily share their Job Fox pages on other social networking sites such as My Space and Face Book can enhance getting the word out there. And perhaps the ìno scamî policy to ensure that fraudulent companies are not included in their listings will be a useful feature. And furthermore, ideas like the Job Fox offer of better communication to job seekers are appealing. I love the sound of their planned Resume Tracker sending a mobile text message to individuals any time their resume has been viewed by an employer sounds awesome too, as does the planned online personal messaging system being built into the platform. And all for free is the perfect price point to gain wide spread acceptance in the market place.

It is Worth Checking on the Development of Job Fox Every 6 Months

Having said all of that, none of it exists except for the ability to list the key words and geographic area of your choice, entering your email address and getting alerts when it finds jobs that match your search criteria. And that part of the Job Fox that does exist, it doesnít work very well at all. When I tested the system six months ago, nothing I did could get it to fire any alert at all. Recently when I tested it again, it only alerted me to jobs thousands of miles away from my desired area I had nominated. And on further researching the Job Fox track record for other userís experiences, I found significant numbers of complaints that they could not successfully opt out of the alert system after they had set it all up. For now all that can be said is that the planned total of services is excellent, but most of it does not exist, and that what does exist does not work properly as intended. Worth checking out later in 2013.