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JibJab – Professional Digital Media Company

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JibJab is a Professional Digital Media Company

With the Internet there has been an explosion in many new business types ranging from graphic design to programming and web site development. In fact the list of new business types is quite extensive when you think about it and include things like all the payment gateway companies, software as a service type businesses, and a massive number of digital media companies in all their shapes and sizes. One such company was started back in 1999 by two brothers; Evan and Gregg Spiridellis who together formed JibJab with the specific intention of making any digital media that was funny and worth sharing. That is, their ìedgeî was to be humor, and they wanted whatever they produced to ìgo viralî so as to sweep the market by storm. Nearly starving and too many times almost going bankrupt for more than six years, the brothers learned how to get things done very effectively on a shoe string budget while they honed their business plan, which for the longest time seemingly had no potential for revenue making in any serious way. They had their successes from time to time, and all too often just as things looked like exploded into fame and fortune; a disaster of timing would strike. But they never gave up, and thirteen years later are reaping the rewards of their bloody minded persistence.

George Bush as a Rapper? This Land Made By JibJab

Perhaps best known for their political satire known as ìThis Landî where they made a short and funny political video with George Bush as a rapper, after emailing to their client member list of one hundred and thirty thousand people, it exploded to eighty million downloads in no time at all. After finally forming a very successful business relationship with a venture capitalist and financier after many years of hard sweat and stressful living, JibJab has now settled down into three main business categories. Registered and paid up members can gain the benefit of JibJabís creative genius with political satire, people can create and design their own eCards that can be sent to friends and family or people can select from a range of hilarious videos and swap their own or someone elseís head onto the starring role so that they can then send the video to friends and family. The JibJab culture and philosophy is all about having fun with a capital ìFî. After many years of not knowing how to monetize the company, JibJab finally settled on adopted a paid membership business model so that they would then have the funding to be able to hire the very best creative talent in terms of artists, comedians, writers, musicians, performers, technologists and management team to produce first class originality in their content across the three product groups.

Viral Video Marketing Made JibJab Great

Whilst they may not have known early on how to make money from their endeavor, they were instinctive astute at defining that whatever they produced should have a ìviralî component to it. That is, whatever they created had to be so funny and engaging that whoever saw it then sent it all to their entire contact list to share; which in turn then sent it on to their own contact list and so on until it spun off into millions of viewers all enjoying it. The brothers indeed have created several smash hits and as a consequence have appeared on television numerous times as well has had to decline many offers for contracts in film and television to use their creative genius. While they could have suffered less by accepting any of these other offers, the brothers were determined to stick with JibJab and make it their lifeís work. And they began on this path just because they happened to see a funny video back in 1998 about a piece of dung dancing.

eCards Make a Come Back because of JibJab

Surprisingly the eCard business does very well, despite ecards having been used as a major method of circulating viruses over the years. The senders of the cards know the JibJab product is clean of viruses because it is a paid for premium service; the surprise is that the recipients enjoy getting them so much despite to reputation of ecards per se.

Even Though JibJab is Free; You Can Access the Premium Content for One Dollar a Month

Joining JibJab for free is always a start, and this is as simple and easy as most sites are to join. After confirming your email address, yes they want you to upgrade to a premium membership but there are a lot of free things to explore and check out before you begin to think about paying for premium products. From the simple to understand menu system, you can chose from a bunch of ecards or videos which will typically have two or three characters in them with no faces shown. The idea is that after you have selected one, that you will supply the faces to be used, and then the video or ecard is ready to be sent to whoever you want. The choices available to you range across a large number of genres including dance, birthdays, telling someone you love them to saying you are sorry for what ever reason. It is all about being funny and reaching out to the people you know in a funny way; even if you have done something wrong and are wracked by guilt about it all. Some of the videos are shown in back and white and are of very old TV characters like Frankenstein; others are more modern animation style creative to express your thoughts on whatever occasion it is.

The bottom line, when you want to take it all to the next level and delve into the highest levels of funny creative that comes from their professional team of nearly forty people you will come to pay a few dollars for the privilege. For just one dollar a month you get access to more than one thousand five hundred premium ecard products.