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Signing Up for JAJAH

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Warning! Website described in this article is discontinued and no longer in service. Content is moved to ‘Discontinued Websites‘.

Are you tired of the heavy expenses that you incur from your phone calls bills? If so then you really require to tryout JAJAH. This is an application that allows users to save money on phone bills by offering them a better platform to communicate to their contacts. JAHJAH service in fact prevents the user from paying for long distance calls. JAHJAH comes in both normal web and also mobile web and it basically gives the user an opportunity to save money while making calls since it in actual sense allows users to initiate free calls from the site or from their mobiles.

How Do I Sign Up For JAJAH

Signing up for JAHJAH is remarkably simple. First you will have to open up the JAHJAH website in your internet browser. The website address for JAHJAH is If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see at the top left hand corner of the page JAJAH logo in purple colors. On the opposite side of the same page, at the top right hand corner you will be able to see a place noted “sign up” at the extreme end of the menu tab. Click on to this section. Once you do this you will immediately be taken to a new page with an empty form that you will be required to fill in. the page is titled “sign up for free.” Once you have identified the form fill in the form appropriately with the following information, your first name, second name, and email address. Therefore fill in these sections with the most relevant personal details as required. The moment you have finished doing this fill in the section marked phone number with the current phone number that you intend to use starting with the country, the access code, and the number of usage. After this choose a password that will work effectively for you. Re-type the password in the next provided section in order to confirm that the initial password was indeed correct. Next click on the small box to ensure that it is checked, since this will ensure that you have accepted to the terms and conditions of the application. Once you are through with this, click on the last part marked “sign up” on the bottom of the form. This will in turn confirm that you have successfully finished the process of signing up. The moment you have clicked onto this part, a verification code will be sent to your email address. To complete the process, open up a new window and access your email account through it. Once you have accessed your email account get the verification code and in turn feed it onto the required place. With this done, click to finish up the signing up, and you will be ready to use your account.

How JAJAH Works

In a summary, JAHJAH welcomes users with a simple background, with a sleek logo and a relatively update interface. It has no unique templates or design elements, therefore users can navigate easily.

Merits of JAJAH

JAJAH’s flexibility will sweep you off your feet. Since it comes in different versions that will indeed serve you well, for instance if you are a phone user, JAJAH Direct will allow you to make calls directly from any phone by simply dialing the JAJAH number that will have been assigned for the contact. JAJAH mobile web version will allow you to access your JAHJAH account through your mobile phone. Again if you were browsing and you had already signed up for JAJAH you will be able to access it freely from the web. In addition to that, JAJAH has a Twitter edition that also gives the users an opportunity to make free calls from their Twitter accounts without revealing their personal details like phone number at any time.

JAJAH will also offer you a great deal of seamless integrations with its additional mobile and email versions. Since this ensures that JAJAH covers a vast network of customers, such integrations will allow users to contact various people that they may desire to speak to irrespective of the version that they might be using. These JAJAH interfaces come in these following versions, Firefox, Google, Outlook and Mac Address Book among others.

You will also enjoy from the simplicity that JAJAH offers as it will save you the pain of having to download any other supportive application, or software. It will also save you the hustle of an initial configuration of the device. This is because JAJAH does not require any of these.

JAJAH is also free from its initial subscription all the way to its use. Its service doesn’t also require any prior purchase in order to use it. However, this only applies when a JAJAH user is calling another JAJAH user. In a case where the user is calling someone who is not a fellow JAHJAH user, then an application fee will apply, and will depend on the location of the recipient as laid on in JAJAH website. Therefore JAJAH’s affordability will be a great advantage to you as a user.

Unlike other applications that offer the same services to initiate online calls, JAJAH stands out since it offers these services to very many lists of devices apart from the web. Since users can make these calls over the web and specifically through their mobile phones, JAJAH becomes very unique. From its concept, one can also see that JAJAH saves time and energy in its cost free phone calls and therefore offers the perfect way of saving while at the same time making calls.

JAJAH features include, the schedule calling feature, its affordability in giving high quality calls, the fact that it can allow users to make calls directly from their original telephone networks, a call me button, and a business account. In every way, JAJAH will indeed blow you away.