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Organize Your Online Petitions Using iPetitions

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Petitions have been a way of generating awareness for a cause and getting people to participate in actualizing it. While petitions have traditionally been paper-based, the internet has changed the way petitions ar being organized as well as disseminated. Online petitions have emerged as the most viable means of getting buy-in from people for a cause. People are now able to generate awareness, not just on a local scale, but also a global scale for a cause. Today, online petitions have grown in popularity and use as compared with paper petitions. Considerable success has also been recorded by user of this channel to make their demands in addition to having their demands met too. iPetitions is one such platform that has served as a springboard for many petitions.

iPetitions is all about enabling people to leverage technology to catalyze change all over the world. As internet usage continues to spread and grow as a platform for exchanging ideas, whether about political change in developing countries, dissemination of critical information about human health, stimulation of popular action against corporate irresponsibility among many other causes, iPetitions is providing the platform for people across the world to find the causes they believe in and support them. It is important to note that iPetitions is non-partisan and does not take sides whether liberal or conservative. The concept of fair-hearing for all opinions is a key part of the iPetitions philosophy.

By using iPetitions, individuals and organizations will have the physical space where their petition will be hosted, great tools with which to gather signatures for their petition, blogging tools to talk about their cause, all with a high degree of simplicity. One great feature of iPetitions is that anyone can host a petition on the site regardless of whether you are an organization or just an individual looking to gather signatures and mobilize public attention for a cause. Additionally, it does not take a tech-savvy person to use iPetitions as simplicity was a core consideration with which the site was built.

Signing Up to Use iPetitions

iPetitions offers anyone who has a love for causes, the opportunity to join one of the largest communities of activists on the internet. Joining iPetitions is also free of any charge at all. Signing up is as easy as getting to the homepage and clicking the ‘Join’ link located at the top right corner of the page. When you click on the link, another page opens containing a form with four fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Password

After filling in the required details, all you need to do is click the ‘Join’ button at the bottom of the form. You will receive an email from iPetitions which you are required to act upon by simply clicking on the activation link within the email. This activation must be done within seven of receipt of the email. iPetitions also allows you to join using your social media account; Twitter or Facebook.

Costs of Using iPetitions

Hosting a petition on iPetitions is completely free. There are no charges levied as the site is being run using donations and advertising. However, iPetitions accepts freewill donations from well-meaning individuals/organizations who may wish to assist in keeping its platform running successfully. To donate is also very simple: simply navigate to the homepage and click on the ‘Donate’ button. This will open the donation page where you are presented with a very simple range of options starting from $2 through $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100. $25 is highlighted, indicating that it is probably the most popularly donated sum or the amount intending donors are encouraged to donate. Additionally, intending donors may donate more than $100 by simply filling in the amount they would like to donate in the blank space provided. After selecting or entering the amount to donate, you proceed by clicking the ‘Donate Now’ link. iPetitions uses Paypal to process donations, therefore guaranteeing safety of the transactions.

How To Create Petitions on iPetitions

Creating a petition on iPetitions is a very simple process and typically, there are just three steps involved. However, you need to get to the homepage and click on the ‘Start a Petition Now’ button to navigate to the Create Petition page. It takes just a few minutes and there are just three fields to fill out:

  • Petition Title
  • Web Address
  • Petition Text

After filling the required fields, you may choose an image to be embedded within your petition and to do this, click on the ‘Choose a Different Image’ button beneath the form to select any image from your computer. The supported formats include JPG, PNG and GIF. Once you done that, complete the process by clicking the ‘Create’ button.

Benefits of iPetitions

iPetitions offers users a lot of benefits, considering the features built-in to the site. These benefits include:

  • No Technical Knowledge Requirements: There is no need for you to have any knowledge of web programming in order to create petitions. iPetitions provides users with templates which they can easily use but if you wish to customize your petition, some CSS and HTML skills could come in handy.
  • Easy Integration With Existing Petition: iPetitions allows you to integrate a petition already commenced elsewhere by merging your database with theirs as well as moving your petition to the iPetitions platform.
  • Privacy: iPetitions protects the privacy of petitioners who sign on a petition. There are only two exceptions to this rule; first, the confirmation of signing the petition sent by iPetitions to the petitioner’s email as well as an invitation track the petition’s progress in the website. Secondly, when the petitioner expressly grants iPetitions the permission to make contact regarding other petitions and iPetitions events.
  • Opportunity to Have Petition Featured: Petitions can receive higher visibility by being listed on the iPetitions homepage as a Featured Petition. However, having a petition listed as such is at the discretion of iPetitions.