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Insightly, the Mobile Business Companion

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Eversince the inception of internet marketing, the needs of e-entrepreneurs have increased in scope and complexity. Since e-commerce has most of the business particulars virtualized, it is now easier to find a specific customer file, a transaction number, or an on-going customer dispute. From offline databases, paper trails of receipts, and shelves of customer files, everything is being managed in a system that stores and handles databases and relations in what we call a CRM.

At its simplest function, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system that allows business owners to manage business relationships and the data associated with them. For small businesses, a CRM system put your data in online storage, making it accessible across multiple devices in real time. But as the business grow, a CRM can include more advanced features to help people interact with fellow workers and customers, communicate through emails, give online support, and give you real-time updates on how the business is doing.

The success of an online business depends on many things but the very life of the company depends on the system of the which it is based. It is of outmost importance that that system is strong, dependable, and fail-resistant that business owners can rely on 24/7. It is also important that that system is as straight-forward and simple as it can.

Enter Insightly, a popular free service for small business to help manage customer relations. Based in San Francisco but with 14 different locations around the world, they have a network of dedicated professionals maintaining to what is currently, the best web based software for small business.

Why It Stands Out

While there are many CRM systems out there, the simplicity and the system’s reliability puts Insightly ahead of the pack. In fact, the company is labelled as the number-one CRM for small businesses.

Insightly is designed as a simple to use yet robust CRM system for small businesses. It is integrated to several applications like Google Apps, Office 365, MailChimp, and social media sites to. The learning curve is fairly easy as it has a user-friendly interface. Best of all, Insightly is free, with options to upgrade for more advanced features. Currently, Insightly leads the pack of small business CRM.

A web-based tool is the better choice for small businesses because owners does not have to worry about technicalities like server upgrades or security fixes. Insightly take cares of the “techy” parts like data backups, system upgrades, and security so business owners can concentrate on running their business.

Why It Is Five-Hundred-Thousand Strong

Around 500,000 of businesses use Insightly to manage their tasks and projects and business contacts. Insightly’s infrastructure is specialized for such as this. It’s reliability is attested by its hundreds of thousand users in over 100 countries. It’s server farm has ample power and multiple power-backups so outage is not an issue. It also has advanced protection from fire and other turbulence. Its server is staffed round-the-clock by their expert engineers.

Since Insightly knows that a CRM’s storage structure is only good if it is running 24/7, they made it highly robust and fault resistant. From the company’s own claim, it is proud to say that their system “has multiple levels of redundancy built in – like writing every file to multiple storage facilities in different locations synchronously to ensure against data loss. Our databases are also backed up daily and securely transferred and stored with military grade AES-256 encryption to multiple off-site locations for disaster recovery purposes.”

The Tools of the Trade

Here are some of Insightly’s tools and features:

Contact Management

They have calendaring, notes and comments, and a notification system.

Calendaring & Events

Here, you can schedule events, tasks, and see what team-members are doing in with their built-in calendar.

Insightly Notes, Evernotes, and Comments

You can make notes and co-workers can add comments to notes using Insightly’s Notes. It is also integrated with Evernote, and you can sync Evernote directly to a specific person or a project.

Lightning Fast Search

Insightly has its own fast and efficient search engine across its database. Just type what you are looking for and results will be presented in a split second.

Built-In File Sharing

Within the system, you can link documents and to the things they relate to – resumes, customer issues, projects files, etc.

Tags can be added to contacts, organizations, opportunities, projects, and emails.

Insightly’s linking system enables you to create multiple connections between any of your projects, emails, customer’s data, and other info so that you get a multi-faceted view of your customers.

The Dashboard

Insightly offers a many options to keep you well informed. You can use the dashboard to get up to the updated information, manage your tasks, and to check the status of your business through reports. Insightly allows you to track a lot of things through dashboard gives you an overview of what is going on in your business.

Tasks & Milestones

Here, you can add tasks for yourself or assign tasks to others. You can also set due dates or just type down a task to be completed in the future.

How To Get Started

To get started with Insightly, simply sign-up for a free account on their main page and click the orange sign-up button to the right. This would take you to the sign-up page where you fill-up boxes with your information. The service is free with the most useful of tools available to you. However, if you want premium features like unlimited storage, more custom fields, custom branding, etc., you can sign-up for a standard account with options for annual and monthly payments. An enterprise account is also available for businesses that demand larger-scale applications.

If you are an aspiring e-commerce entrepreneur, you know that you will need a CRM for you e-business. Insightly remains on top of the because of the many reasons mentioned above. If reliability and simplicity is on top of your list (which it should), then the decision is easy for you.