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IdeaScale – Powerful Tool for Collecting Feedback and Ideas

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As Americans we often get very passionate about democracy and how we have the best and most free system of society in the World. Yet in fact America is filled will laws and there is no such things as a law that doesn’t restrict people’s freedoms in some way. And as far as democracy goes, we only get to vote for one of two political parties; when in fact we usually only agree with some of each parties ideas; and we know they are all telling us lies just to get our vote. Indeed, the democracy we love and pray is nothing more than an allusion that we cling to; the reality is vastly different. Big business buys all the media time of the election processes, and they don’t care who says what as long as their lobbyists continue to get access to the law making process. We the voting public have almost no influence or control, and the idea of of one person one vote is essentially useless for our lives and our basic freedoms. Democracy needs a significant redesign to get it back on track; and that means us inputting our ideas and voting pressures on each and every micro issue that impact on our lives and freedoms. And the internet is perfectly situated to help us to achieve exactly that change.

Used by the President to Harness the Ideas of the People

Idea Scale is a social networking platform built upon the web 2.0 power of user generated content. The underlying concept of how Idea Scale is used is that people register of course and then they create a community of interest around some particular issue. This issue could be a local government matter, a corporations feedback system to get closer to its consumerís needs, or as has happened in the past, it can and has been used by the president of the United States to reach out to the public to solicit their ideas and feedback on thousands of issues and matters that are important to them. The most powerful use of the Idea Scale platform has been that of the President, and it is true to the very heart of what democracy is all about. That is, rather than voting one time every four years; the people are encouraged to get involved on a daily basis with any and all of those issues they value as important to them. The President looks after many things; some would say he is responsible for all things in America. By using Idea Scale to break down the million issues into the individual issues, people are able to focus and comment on what is important to them and to contribute their ideas for the best resolution to it.

Simplicity at its Core, Idea Scale is About Democracy at Work

The concept is very simple actually. After registering, you create a community and tell everyone about it. Visitors to the community are able to register for free and make comments and make suggestions related to the purpose of the community. And at some future time, these community members vote on the best course of action to take; also known as democracy at work. And from the outcome of this voting process, the ideas float upwards to the leadership for action. Many would agree that this is the way to a utopian society of harmony; simply because everyone who wants to get involved in the micro processes of society are able to be heard, and to express their best ideas for the best outcomes. People are very unhappy with the current state of play; be it at corporate level where they have no voice to effect change, or on the state or national stage politically where they have a useless vote every few years for a candidate who stands for multiple issues and rarely honors any of them.Besides the President, many of the largest corporations are now engaging their clients with such community based feedback systems with the Idea Scale platform. And across the board they are not only collecting some very powerful feedback to make product and service changes; they are noticing a greater degree of client retention and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Free to Contibute to a Community, Paid Plans for Opening your Own Community

Opening an account for free is simple and easy to do. But if you wish to create and administer a community, then you will have to pay for the privilege. Creating the community after you have selected your plan or package is simple to do, and much of what is provided is based on templates that paid users can work from. There are a massive number of existing communities to have a look at to get your ideas clear. The left hand menu system is very easy and intuitive to use, and adjusting your settings according to how many and who will be administering the community is all quite logical. The reality is that the world is starting to reject the big business model of top down control of the population and the average person in the street is now beginning to demand a more direct say in how things will be run. It is conceivable that in the future that no new laws could be passed by Congress until after a platform such as Idea Scale has been used extensively for each and every issue so as to ensure that all lobbying attempts have been properly canvassed from the wider community, rather than the current system of big business doing corrupt deals behind closed doors in exchange for political support and money for the next four yearly election.

If America is to retain its title of being a democratic society and a free society, then it really is time for it to stop reading and believing its own public relations and propaganda and get with the times of truly engaging the public in everything that matters. Idea Scale is a proven tool that clearly can handle massive volume of traffic to harness the best ideas