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How Email Keeps You In Touch With Your Friends?

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Email can be used as a way to enhance communication with your friends. But when email is used in business, its lack of emotion and body language makes it necessary to confine it to simple messages. There are advantages that email offers as a means of communication with friends. In a social setting, email can be technology that does make your life better.


Email is able to travel across multiple platforms to reach your friends wherever they may be, making email very accessible. Not only can you send an email that reaches your friend while she is at her computer, but you can also send that email to a mobile device or a laptop on a wireless Internet connection in a public place. The ability to send emails through portable devices insures that your message will reach your friends whether they are at home on the Internet, or out of the house.

Sending Detailed Information

Voice mail is an excellent way to let your friends know that you are trying to reach them, but if your friend has no way of writing down the important information in your voice mail then it may not be effective. An email contains all of your important contact information, the address where want your friends to meet you and the time. All of that information can be reliably accessible on a portable communication device and retrieved whenever your friend needs it.

Staying in Touch

As time goes by, some of your friends may move away and start lives in other parts of the country. In some cases, they may even move to other parts of the world. Trying to communicate by phone can be frustrating when you are crossing several time zones. You and your friend can respond to each others’ emails at your convenience and still stay in touch. Emails also offer you the opportunity to send photos and videos to your friend as well.

Social Networking

You can use email together with social networking websites as a way of getting messages out to your group of friends. Many of the social networking websites have a function that allows your updates to be emailed to anyone that would like to receive them. You and your friends can sign up to receive each others’ updates via email, and then you can alert each other to your location and what you are doing with a single social networking update, as opposed to having to email each person individually. This can be convenient when you are out on the town and want your friends to join you. For example, you and your friends can choose to receive Facebook wall posts in your emails. When one friend posts to the walls of everyone in the group, everyone gets the message. You and your friends can create a closed Facebook group that you can use to message each other as well. You can also send Facebook messages to multiple people through standard email. With Twitter, you can choose to receive tweets in your email and your group can stay in touch through social networking.