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Find The Apartment of Your Choice Using HotPads

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Looking for a house to rent? Finding it hard to locate one and maybe, getting a good idea of the locality and its available infrastructure is difficult? You are probably still having that problem because you have not tried out HotPads. This is a robust and versatile real estate search engine which is map-based and makes it far easier for you to determine the suitability of the apartment you are currently checking out. By using HotPads, you may not even need to visit a particular apartment or rental before you strike it off your list. HotPads helps you narrow your search and widen your preferable options. Using HotPads means you know what to look for and can better manage your time to find it.

The search component of HotPads is one of the most powerful in its niche and by combining such an engine with layers of vital and updated data, users are finding it so much easier to look for rentals that suit their peculiar needs. HotPads also boasts of listings that are clean and authentic as opposed to unverified listings aggregated from sites like Craigslist. This is because HotPads’ listings come through MLS feeds to which it subscribes and well as Postlets, a partner site.

HotPads also enables property owners and agents to reach out to a massive user base counting in millions and maximize the exposure of free listings as well as the advantages of paid listings.

    How To Sign Up and Join HotPads

Registering on HotPads is one of the best ways of enjoying its services and the several amazing features the website offers. Of course, HotPads makes a point of ensuring user ease in the sign up process by simplifying it to a great extent. The first step you need to take is to get to the homepage, located at Once there, you will locate the ‘Sign In’ link at the top left side of the page. Click the link to open a small window for signing then click on the ‘Register’ link placed in the same window. All that is required of you are two details; Email address and selected Password. After filling in the required details, click the ‘Create New Account’ button located beneath the form.

HotPads also provides an option to Log in using Facebook. In order to exercise this option, you simply click the Facebook Login button on the same window to open a small login window for your Facebook account. You will be requested to enter your login details and once you have done so and successfully logged in, notification will be provided of the information which will be made available to the HotPads app on Facebook, should you grant access. These include your public profile, friend list and email address although the app will not be able to post to your Facebook profile. If you wish to grant access to the HotPads app on Facebook, simply click the ‘Okay’ button at the bottom of the window.

    Costs of Using HotPads

Using HotPads as a prospective tenant costs absolutely nothing. All you need to do is register on the website and use the services. However, if you are listing a property, there are two categories;

  • Free: This is for sale house listings, single-family homes, townhouses as well as individual apartment units put up for rent.
  • Paid: These are typically for big apartment communities and the choice here is between two options: Featured listings on Zillow and HotPads with prices beginning from $110/month per property. Secondly, there is the Performance Listings which begin from $199/month for up to 10 properties.
    How To Use HotPads

One of the primary functions of HotPads is to find apartments for rent and there are three major ways of using that function on the website to commence your search. Also take note that as you may be looking for properties for different purposes, HotPads has also provided options for you by having three tabs which you can use to narrow your search; Rent, Sales and Foreclosures.

  • Use the search bar at the top of the homepage by entering the city and state or the zip/postal code.
  • Check the list of popular cities and select the city where you desire to search.
  • Use the map to determine the location then click on it.

Of course, it is expected that the search process described above may only provide a very general result so, HotPads also has advanced search options which are easily accessed by clicking on ‘Advanced’ in the map search tool bar. This will provide more options for you with which you can refine your search and these options include the type of building, range for the rent (minimum – maximum), the specific number of rooms the house should have among options. Once you have found the rental that suits your needs, you can simply make contact with the owner or agent in charge of the property. This is also very easy and all you need to do is use the contact box provided on each listing to send an email message to the person.

You may however, be looking to create a listing on HotPads. This is quite easy and straightforward if you have registered on Once you log into your HotPads account, you can locate the ‘New Listing’ link and click on it to open the page where you will create your new listing. After selecting the type of apartment you are about to list, you will proceed to the next section where other details such as floor plans, pricing, photos as well as other details you may deem necessary to share with the prospective tenants. You then have to state the duration for which you want your listing to remain up bearing in mind the fact that 32 days is the initial maximum but you will have unlimited opportunities to extend the listing.