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It is very difficult and stressful to look for a place to live in especially if the place of interest is of another state. Going to numerous locations, and visiting countless of houses can be very time consuming and expensive. But with, anyone living in the United States can easily look for a place to live in, with just a click of a button. With the web address of; all searching problems when looking for a home are solved. This website offers their customers the service of looking for an agent for their real estate, or an assistance whether in buying or selling a home. Home search begins at this website, where three million homes are available for viewing. Traditional houses, modest apartments, upscale condominiums, and new townhouses are just a few examples of the homes featured in this website. In addition, also provide essential information of these real estates that potential buyers or customers need to know for them to know more about any their future property such as mortgage rates, home values, or the nearby places like school, hospital and recreational centers. They also feature information comparing different schools to assist any one in their home choice.’s directory enables anyone to know more about popular cities, states, and any property types. Whether just looking for a home, searching for a city’s information, or just merely browsing at real estate properties, is the ideal website to go to. Any one with an interest in real estate can use this site with just an Internet connection and a useful device.

To explore the site, it is needed to create an account. On the upper right portion of the page, click the orange rectangle that say ‘Your Account’ to be able to create one. A white box will appear that is divided into two sections. On the left, typed in bold is “Not a member yet? Sign up today!” Click “Sign up today!” written in blue ink, and another white box will appear. The heading of that white box is “Sign Up for MyHomes.” Seeing the questions, provide the information being asked. The first one is “I’m a *” where users would select whether they are a ‘Home Buyer,’ if they are looking for a home to acquire; ‘agent,’ wanting to supervise a buy between a house seller and a buyer; ‘renter,’ someone wanting to have a house but not buying it; ‘home owner,’ a property owner who is thinking of selling a house or property; ‘Property Manager,’ those in operation of the real estate; ‘Home Builder,’ a skilled carpenter building houses or any other household related job; ‘Mortgage Lender,’ the one interested in giving loans; ‘Service Professional,’ someone specializing in giving certain services; ‘Insurance Agent,’ those providing financial assurance for real estates in case of certain calamities, natural disasters or any other unforeseen incidents; ‘Home Inspector,’ person in charge of assuring that a structure’s condition is suitable for living; ‘Landlord’ or ‘Apartment Manager,’ those in ownership or in charge of places to be rented; and, ‘Device’ a person in charge of special devices for home use. Choosing among the given is crucial for any new user so that the site, can know what exactly is being looked at. Once clicked, further boxes asking for information will appear such as when one have chosen ‘Home Buyer’ on the first box, the information that will be asked is ‘Home the ‘City, ST, Zip of Interest.’ This asking what city, state, or zip code a buyer is interested in. The next thing being asked is the name, a requirement, which will be used for identification and possible transactions in the future. A password will then be asked to provide, and then re-typed for verification. After putting all the information, click the orange button that says ‘submit’ to process the account creation. After so, any user can freely browse the website.

How do you create an account?

In creating an account, it is also given an option that the user can use his or her own Facebook, Google Mail, or Yahoo! Account. Same information will be asked minus the email and the name for it is already in the account associated with the creation. It is really very easy to create an account in

After creating an account, a user may now browse the website. By clicking the home button, the logo itself at the upper left hand corner, a user can start finding a home using the ‘Find Your Home’ box. Just typing in a place and indicating whether one is looking for something to buy, rent, or see the value, any one can easily browse through a property and know about it after clicking the dark blue button, ‘Search’. However for a more thorough search, clicking the ‘Advanced Options >>’ can help the user navigate among properties according to specific choices like the property type, whether apartments, condominiums, or townhouses, number of beds, number of baths, price range, and some measurements like the lot size, year built, a square built. Featured homes for sale below the search engine can also help prospective buyers see new and upcoming properties.

What is the service provided by the website?

Aside from looking at properties, local professionals can also be searched to help anyone in need of assistance in their transactions. Just typing in a place anywhere in the United States and then indicating the professional person needed, any user can easily contact available person in the real estate business. For users who can offer their services in the business, they can easily set up a profile for other people to view.

With the 3 million plus properties featured in, it is true what they say, “America is the land of opportunities.” The site and account shall answer any real estate problems and dilemmas. Contacting professionals is also made easy in this website by looking at different profiles of promising sales agents or any real estate professional. All things needed to look for a home, property choices, land and structure information, ready to hire sales professionals, and more are all in this site. The easy to use website and the community in are all one needs to be able to find a new home for one’s self, friends, or for the entire family.