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With an approximately 625,000 listed vacation homes found in 190 countries, HomeAway is considered to be the #1 vacation rental company which serves travelers, vacation home owners and property managers alike. It is basically a vacation rental marketplace which aims to connect homeowners and property managers with travelers who seek the many benefits and lesser cost of a vacation home as an alternative to traditional hotel accommodations. If you’re a traveler and you found some interesting place you would want to spend, for example, your spring break, you could automatically contact the owner or advertiser via the website and discuss particulars. makes getaway and vacation planning refreshingly easy for tourists, and opens chances for extra income to others.

How do I join as a traveler in

Though finding and booking a vacation home doesn’t really require you to have a “traveler account”, there are some features that you could only access if you have one. A traveler account is totally free, so what would you have to lose by creating one?

The registration process is also pretty simple. The first thing that you will have to do is to open the HomeAway website in your internet browser. Its website address is If you are unable to access it using the link, simply copy and paste the given link into your browser’s URL bar or just type it, and press Enter. Once you’ve opened their website, you’ll immediately see a “Traveler Login” option in the uppermost, right corner of the page. Once you click that link, a “Sign in to HomeAway” window will come into view.

If you have a Facebook account, you could choose to sign in with it. Just simply click the “Sign in with Facebook” link. If you haven’t logged in to your Facebook account with the device you’re using, a window where you would have to fill your Facebook’s email address and password will come into view, then just click “Log In” to continue. Another window will then emerge stating the information that HomeAway will be accessing in your Facebook account. If you don’t mind sharing those infos, then just click “Okay”. You would then be automatically redirected to HomeAway’s homepage and you could start perusing through their extensive list of vacation homes.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to connect your traveler account with your Facebook account, then just click the “Sign Up” link found on the bottom of the “Sign in to HomeAway” window. The window will then refresh and you would need to fill in your first and last name, your current email address, and a password. Once you complete all required fields, just click “Sign Me Up” to proceed. Note that by signing up you’re also accepting HomeAway’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. So maybe you may want to read it first just to make sure that you have no conflict with what is laid out. If you find no problem, then you could continue clicking “Sign Me Up”. You would then be redirected to HomeAway’s homepage and you could start exploring.

Costs involved

Finding and booking a vacation home or renting one with HomeAway is not just very easy but it is also fun and FREE! You get a chance to do the following without a traveler account and it is all free of charge:

  • Search the homes in your preferred destination and travel dates
  • Tailor your search based on your travel preferences
  • Browse through the details of each property (e.g. Description, Photos, Amenities, and Reviews)
  • Search maps to check if its near the places you want to visit
  • Experience virtual tours around the property neighborhood
  • Contact owners and advertisers directly through
  • Instantly quote chosen property

But having a traveler account offers more features like the following:

  • Create and edit your traveler profile where you can share information about yourself especially about your favorite travel destination and hobbies
  • Add properties that you adore to your “Favorite” list
  • Keep personal notes about properties
  • Create and share lists of rentals with your travelling companions

However, if you own a vacation home or several of them and you’re interested to rent it out, HomeAway could help you to advertise your properties and manage bookings online for a fair price. With the websites’ numerous visitors each month, your listing would be surely noticed. However, the full control in the rental policies is in you. You only pay Homeaway to back you up with all the necessary tools you would need to get your property or properties booked. Their customer support team is also available 24 hours, and they are just a phone call away if ever you need them.

For first time home renters, HomeAway also offers to guide you through the whole process until you get your first booking.

Homeaway is also actually accessible on your mobile devices through a mobile app. You could actually download it for free and it is available for both iPhone and Android. You could now find your next vacation rental or manage your bookings with just a swipe of your hand, anywhere, anytime.

Searching for Vacation Homes’s search options are fairly well-developed and easy to understand. On’s homepage, you would first have to specify your planned destination. You could also indicate the dates that you may be checking in and when you’ll check out, and the number of people that would be with you. After clicking “Search” or pressing Enter, a list of properties that matched your requirements will come into view.

If the results are just too many for you, you could refine your search by indicating more of your preferences like the price range, number of bedrooms, booking process, location, property type, features, and even more filters. With this, the results would be showing the best places that would best suits what you’re looking for.

And if ever no results came up with the preferences you’ve specified, you could always revise it until you find your perfect vacation home. is actually very easy to use and it won’t take long for anyone to figure out how it works. Homeaway helps travelers to find the perfect place to satisfy all they would need to enjoy their vacation, and they give vacation homeowners the chance to introduce their properties to a wider audience and prospect clients. Everyone actually gets to benefit from this – a remarkable vacation for trippers and a successful business for homeowners.