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Keep Your Customer Data & Conversations Organized With Highrise

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Running a business enterprise can be very difficult with so many moving parts demanding attention all at the same time. The most critical components of course, are those that have to do with your customers and you do not want to go wrong in that department. Knowing which customer has particular preferences, has received a proposal from your company and so many other details you need to have at your finger tips has become absolutely necessary in contemporary business terrain. The challenge however, lies in finding exactly how to collate and organize that mass of information and data into one very functional system that will enhance your business.

Highrise was designed and built to fill that void for business owners. It is an online platform that provides the most convenient means by which business owners can store and manage customer information, notes and communications such as emails. Of course, it may be argued that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has the capability to do some of these tasks but then, that is not the main focus of CRM solutions and for that reason, they will not accomplish the objective effectively and efficiently. Highrise on the other hand, specifically tackles these challenges resolutely and to the satisfaction of the business owner.

Highrise is like a personal assistant, the major difference being that unlike a human personal assistant, Highrise is available for everyone across the organization thus keeping everyone in the loop and having relevant information at their fingertips. Therefore, when someone wants to know about a particular client or prospect, Highrise provides it readily even when the person directly responsible for such a client is not available. The entire history of communication, transactions as well as other relevant information is instantly available. Why lose a deal or offend a client/prospect simply due to unavailability of information? Highrise takes care of that effectively.

You can accomplish the following tasks using Highrise:

  • View all follow-ups already scheduled for the day as well as the entire week at a glance.
  • Set reminders to perform certain actions at a future date.
  • Maintain the emails from a particular client/customer on a single page for easy reference.
  • Create a follow-up sales call with a lead and/or client as far ahead as 30 days.
  • Create a review of all your communications with your financial backers.
  • Create notes based on a call with a client.

Signing Up to Use Highrise

Highrise is an incredibly simple website to use and certainly easy to sign up on. When you get to the Highrise homepage on, located close to the bottom of the page is the ‘See Highrise Plans and Pricing’ button. Click on it to navigate to the pricing page, select a suitable subscription package then click ‘Choose Plan’ to go to the ‘Sign Up’ page. There are two possible forms with which you will be presented but both are basically the same except for the inclusion of a section for your credit card details if you selected a paid subscription instead the free version.

The required information is minimal and includes the following: First name, Last name, Email address, Company name, Timezone, Username and Password. After filling in the required information, you complete by clicking the ‘Create My Account’ button. If you have selected any of the paid subscription packages, you will need to fill out your credit card details and enter any coupon codes you might have, then click the ‘Start My Free Trial’ button beneath the form to complete and also commence your 30 day free trial of Highrise. Also, note that if you have an account with any of the sister websites to Highrise including Campfire, Backpack or Basecamp, you can use it instead of opening a new Highrise account.

Costs of Using Highrise

Highrise offers 30 day trial period on all paid plans. It also has a free version.

  • Free: This package has no cost attachments, accommodates a maximum of 2 users and permits 250 contacts.
  • Solo: This package costs $29/month. It accommodates only one user and has a storage limit of 5GB. It also permits 20,000 contacts and has no limits on the number of deals.
  • Basic:At $24/month, this package is suitable for small groups and accommodates up to 6 users. It comes with a 5GB storage limit and a maximum of 10 deals. It also takes 5,000 contacts and possesses enhanced security features.
  • Plus: At $49/month, this package accommodates up to 15 users. It comes with a 15GB storage limit and no limit on the number of deals. It also takes 20,000 contacts and possesses enhanced security features.<
  • Premium: At $99/month, this package accommodates up to 40 users. It comes with a 30GB storage limit and no limit on the number of deals. It also takes 30,000 contacts and possesses enhanced security features.

Features of Highrise

Highrise was designed with businesses in mind. It takes into consideration what business owners and key staff need to have in hand in order to effectively and efficiently manage customers/clients. Here are some of those features:

  • Exclusive Contact Page: Each contact in Highrise has a dedicated page which is accessible by you and your colleagues thus allowing information and notes to be added by more than one person in relation to phone calls, meetings, conversations as well as other relevant information.
  • Add Tasks Swiftly and Easily: Highrise allows you to quickly set up additional tasks and assign them to yourself or even your colleagues. You can also tick them off as soon as they are done and just so you do not forget, Highrise will send you reminders via email or mobile phone.
  • Track Deals, Leads and Proposals: Very easily view the proposals that are yet to be given the green light, those won, turned down or need reworking etc.
  • View Latest Activity: You can see all the latest activity in one single location and very easily too.