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Send and Receive Faxes Using HelloFax

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I am so bored with using the lame fax machines that I had to look up for some good Online Fax services and I came across, HelloFax.

HelloFax is a service that allows you to send and receive fax online with a minimal effort. It works directly with the best document storage services like Dropbox, Google, SkyDrive and many more. It is a perfect way to ‘Go Green’ and avoid extra paperwork, you can work on the documents, sign them and send across to any of your clients and that too with great confidential, so you don’t have to worry about the sensitive information getting out as well.

But there is one concern when we talk about HelloFax, it do have higher prices than some of the other online fax services while giving the same services.

But first of all, let’s take a first look of the website.

How to get in?

Looks like a pretty simple interface, isn’t it? Using very simple font and mentioning very clearly all the option, HelloFax offers you an easy-to-use service.

As you can see on the main page, you can enter your Email address through which you want to create an account with HelloFax. Enter the Email address and click on the ‘Get started’ button below that. As soon as, you click the button, it will show you a screen asking if you need a tutorial to learn how things work in HelloFax.

Click on the ‘SURE, I’LL TRY THE TUTORIAL’ option to learn the methods or you can simply Skip it and start on your own.

Or you can choose the other way around. Click on the Login button on the top right corner of the main page and you will be redirected to the Login Page.

Now if you already had the credentials for it then you can fill in your Email address and Password and get logged in.

If you don’t have the credentials then you can always Log in using your Google credentials or Microsoft credentials that are your Hotmail or Outlook account. If you click on Sign in with Google, it will take you to a new page where it will ask your permission to view the email address and basic profile info. If you click on Sign in using Microsoft then it will take you to a new page where it will ask for your Email/Phone and Password. Sign in using them and you are in.

How to use HelloFax?

The best thing about HelloFax is its interface, which is a pretty simple design. It has a very basic plan and is easy to understand. There are very few things to understand while using it. You will see some options such as Send a fax, Sign documents etc. in the left pane of the page.

When you click on ‘Send a Fax’ button, it will open a page in the right pane, asking you to upload the files. Now that’s the best part because you can upload the files from different platforms such as Google, Dropbox, Box, Evernote and OneDrive or you can drag and drop the files from your computer. Enter the fax number or other recipients and send. You can also import more recipients from your Google or Microsoft account.

One of the best features that make HelloFax unique is its option to Sign or I can say e-sign documents. Yes, you can do that with this. In layman’s terms, an e-signature is a user’s electronic expression of his or her agreement to the terms of a particular document. HelloFax has a special program named as ‘Hellosign’ to do this. You can e-sign various documents like:

  • Work related documents such as NDA forms, contracts, timesheets, invoices, proposals etc.
  • Bank forms or Insurance papers
  • House Agreements, Leases, Rental papers and many more

Third thing, which you will see on the Main page, is the Fax Repository. It saves all the faxes that you have sent or received or the ones that you are still working on and has saved as drafts. It offers you pretty large space to store up all the documents.

Now, if you are running a bigger business and you want this facility to be shared with more people then, HelloFax also gives you a chance to add more people in your team and share it. You can always add members as per your requirement, but that is limited and is allowed as per the plan you are taking.

Is it better than the others?

If we compare it with the other products available in the market, then it is good at some and not so good at others.

Things that go in the favour of HelloFax are, First and foremost, its ability to do e-signature. This particular feature makes it unique and wanting a user to use this. Other thing includes its friendly user interface, about which I have already praised enough. One more skill is that, we can connect with it using most of the available cloud storage services in the market and it supports a lot of file types such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, XLS, XLSX, PPSX, PPT, PPTX, TXT, HTML, TIF, JPG, PNG and GIF, which is actually very helpful.

You can get a lot of free pages, which are offered to you in a fun way like when you sign up you get 5 free pages; if you invite your friends to join then you get some free pages. If you share it on Facebook or Twitter then you get them and even if you create your e-signature then you get 5 free pages. This seems pretty cool to me. But it is helpful if you are using the service casually.

Now for the things that go against it are very few but they do exist. For the most confusing part, HelloFax does not have a mobile app and if you do search for an app, they show you HelloSign app. They also don’t have the proper user support, you can only write to them if you have any issue and no support on the phone is available. This is a big no-no to a user and to top it all it is bit expensive than the other Fax services in the market.