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HasoffersSoftware – solution for tracking performance advertising

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An Introduction to HasoffersSoftware offered as a service, meaning that it is paid for on a monthly rental basis is a very popular business model used by a large number of software vendors. Hasoffers is one such business that has a variety of monthly payment plans for its software service offering, which is all about the lead tracking software for the affiliate marketing industry. There is no way to know just how large the affiliate marketing industry is, but it certainly is massive. Organizations from Clickbank which has clocked up billions of dollars in sales through its more than one hundred thousand affiliates for more than twelve thousand vendors of digital products, through to Amazon which runs its own affiliate program, the Internet certainly is dominated by the power of referral sales generated by affiliates.

Managing Affiliate Systems is Made Easy with Hasoffers

Much of the clutter found in the search engines are the affiliate product review web sites because they focus very intensely of getting the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) very tight, often much more so than the product ownership web sites have looked after their own SEO needs. And because most people use search engines when looking for products to buy, these affiliates often count towards more than eighty per cent of a vendor’s product sales. Tracking all the leads sent to vendors with affiliates is what Hasoffers is all about, and it does a great job with it.

One of the greatest challenges for any business considering building their own affiliate marketing system is the lead tracking which can reward the referral web site for the sales they sent the way of the product ownership web site. It’s all about performance marketing and accountability, and lead tracking is a vital component of the process. For example, no affiliate will support a vendor’s product unless they are totally confident of being rewarded and paid in commissions for sending clients to the vendor. Advertising costs are extremely expensive, and so tracking what advertising is working and what is not is of vital importance, just as being confident of being accurately credited with commissions from sales is vital too. Lead tracking is at the core of knowing what is going on in the business and in any affiliate program it manages.

The Pricing Options for Hasoffers is Very Reasonable

Hasoffers offers a variety of pricing plans, all of which are free for the first thirty days. By opting for either the “pro”, “enterprise” or “dedicated” plans, the range of services available increases with the greater the monthly financial made. Even the pro level of services has all that an affiliate management campaign could need to stay on top of all the issues of lead tracking. And each package has usage limits for banner impressions, clicks that need to be tracked, sales generated on which commissions need to be paid, and with the pro version it includes tracking three hundred thousand clicks from potentially three million banner impressions leading to one hundred and twenty five thousand sales across up to one hundred campaign offers per month. That is a very healthy allowances to cover all of the affiliate marketing activity for only the modest monthly invest of two hundred and seventy nine dollars. Hasoffers is perfect for managing CPA, CPS, CPC and CPM systems and has its own advertising interface.

The more advanced plans can handle multiple currencies and also have built in fraud protection systems, as well as multiple language support capabilities. The source programming code is available for product vendors to customize and further develop Hasoffers beyond its current functionality. This enables any additional features to be provided for to meet the needs of the most demanding web site businesses. Whilst Clickbank and Amazon have their in-house lead tracking affiliate management software development teams, Hasoffers is of the industrial strength capable of supporting such multi-billion dollar enterprises.

Signing Up to Hasoffers is Very Easy

The sign up process for Hasoffers is simple enough, involving the company’s details and selecting the preferred log in ID which also acts as a sub domain of Soon after signing up, a Hasoffers will then contact you to massage your account needs into their system. This customer support provided to all clients is designed to ensure that all of Hasoffers clients properly enable the software service, and that it is massaged into the business as a seamlessly and fully integrated tool to manage the entire sales funnel processing. Then it is a matter of customizing the affiliate network to operate the way you want it to, knowing how to make use of the total package of functions available.

Thereafter, once it has been integrated into web site business, the management consul enables the proprietor’s team to run management reports on every aspect of the flow of sales reporting, lead tracking and advertising returns on investment analysis. Indeed, the power and functionality of the Hasoffers software service quickly becomes revenue neutral because of the efficient way it enables web site business owners to efficiently and effectively run their business with the highest levels of management information analysis. With better information comes better decision making. And with the best of breed lead tracking software, affiliates grow in confidence and support vendor’s product offerings to the highest level. That is, affiliates get to know their end of the business equation with a greater degree of useful information that enables them to be more confident in what is work in advertising terms and what is wasting money. When affiliates get better management information, they are able to commit to prospecting for new clients more efficiently and in cost effective ways, which all bonds the affiliates to vendors because of the win win nature of the relationship.

It is even possible to use it for tracking YouTube video conversions. With the one expense of producing a video, the affiliate can be confident of expanding the range and number of lead generating videos knowing that the one-time expensive will continue working for many years.