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HasOffers: A Top-Level Performance Advertising

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In the year 2009, twin brothers Lee and Lucas Brown and Peter Hamilton gave life to HasOffers. The softwareis authentic, fast, and cheaper compared to other businesses. The people in the team are highly encouraged to be devoted, customer-oriented, and creative to make HasOffers thrive in their line of work.

Showing no prejudice, HasOffers promotes an excellent performing advertising relationship through the use of attribution analysis. The website gives a more fitting touch for advertisers because it is somewhat dependent on marketers. To be able to supply individuals with reliable information, advertising management and measurement are done with the use of an outstanding technology. Two pf the other foundations of the site are comprehensive scalability and timely reporting. People who wish to incorporate the program, which was constructed by a skilled team, with their interests or occupations must first understand how performance advertising functions.

With a two-way application programming interface (API), HasOffers also has an entire management attribute and a prevailing order for billing. Resellers such as business groups, networks, and consumers of internal media can buy the website’s computer software. Thesenew owners make several adjustments on the corporate image of the purchased item. The newly tweaked product will now seem to be manufactured by them instead. To supervise offers, which appear online and on mobile, individuals use the programs meant for performance advertising. In terms of organizational objectives, those can be readily achieved by crafting a flawless publisher or affiliate program on HasOffers. To top it all off, the site’s team can develop a performance ad network fit for the client’s preference.

As for marketers who are specialists in mobile apps, HasOffers assembled an industry standard platform called, or MAT for short. When an app is bought, installed, and put into service, MAT links it back to publishers, major ad social networks, and other sources of marketing.

Choose the appropriate plan:

To begin, a person will be asked to choose between three (3) kinds of productive HasOffers plan: Pro, Enterprise, and Dedicated. Incidentally, all plans have a standard rate of $2 per gigabyte (GB) media usage.

Requiring a payment of $279 per month, the Pro Plan has limited API, an e-mail support, and a custom mail room. But even so, it has an affiliate interface that has one hundred (100) offers and unlimited users, and three hundred thousand clicks (300,000) per month.To avail additional clicks, one thousand (1,000) clicks are given for every $2.

On the other hand, the Enterprise Plan can be availed by paying $799 every month. In addition to the features of Pro, the user can have unlimited users and offers, and even one million (1,000,000) clicks per month. $0.80 is needed to enjoy another thousand clicks. The plan supports phone, chat, and e-mail, and it includes a full two-way API. In the presence of fraud, it detects and alerts its subscribers. Lastly, it holds a framework for mobile inventions and also international languages and currencies.

The Dedicated Solution has the complete features of the previous mentioned plan. It is in possession of scheduled code updates, and access to source code. The HTTPS secure domain-bearing plan includes unlimited API requests and its service resources are dedicated, as the plan suggests. A person must call HasOffers to know the price.

The Pro and Enterprise Plan can be tried for free for one (1) whole month, could be cancelled at anytime, and do not involve contracts. When the trial run is no longer valid, the user will either be charged $279 or $799 per month for the Pro and Enterprise Edition, respectively.It is advisable to use the latter one in view of the fact that it has more features and can be a better basis if HasOffers can provide the services one wants and needs.

Try HasOffers and witness its certified service by creating an account:

All of the necessary steps to make an account are easy to fill out!The first stage is entitled, “Get Started with HasOffers.” The fields that should be accomplished are, of course, the first name and last name. Moreover, e-mail address, confirmation of the given e-mail, password, and re-typing of password are the other components needed. The website will notify the strength of the password and it ranges from low, medium, great, excellent, and super strength.

The next step, “Create Your Account,” requests an account name, account ID, and a website.

The third step would be asking for contact information such as company or name and phone numbers. The form will also ask for the zip code, region or state, city, address, and country. The website asks for a VAT number when a specific country, other than United States, is chosen.

The fourth form wants to find out how a person stumbled upon HasOffers. Was it through Google, advertisement, friends, e-mail, or network? It should be specified.

The billing information needs the card number of the chosen card type, alongside its expiration date and CVV. The name of the credit card holder, his or her country, address, city and state, postal code, and contact information are already filled out, and ought to be reviewed to know if it is correct.

By placing a check mark on the last stage, a blue button saying, “SUBMIT BILLING INFORMATION,” will appear and finalize the account.

HasOffers, which has a well-made user interface, is an effortless platform to use. The website functions in several ways, depending on the customer’s demands or requirements. It will try its best to provide the services and programs needed, proof of having a flexible attribute. Some satisfied clienteles of HasOffers made mention of the fact that their companies’ productivity and sales increased by a considerable amount. The members that are comprised in the team are truly involved in the project and more than willing to actively participate for success. And in spite of other establishments capable of delivering same results, HasOffers is far more commendable for the reason that it presents undemanding procedures and dedicated team.

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