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Guru – Make Some Extra Money From Your Skills

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The guru web site has a lot to offer if you ever need to make some extra money from your skills, or if you ever need to outsource some work that you need done. We all have skills that have a marketable value, and we all at times need extra hands to help us out with projects, and the Guru web site is great for matching service providers with the clients needing their help.

The web site’s systems are all about hiring people, managing the project and making payment at the end of the process. With 350,000 contractors available to choose from, and their skills fitting neatly into one of the 222 work categories, there is tremendous diversity within the work force for potential employers to find who they are looking for. From the contractor’s point of view, payments from the client are guaranteed by Guru, and so there is no risk of doing the work and not getting paid for it.

How Employers Work with the Guru System

It is very a very easy to use system. The contractor posts a listing for the job required, detailing as specifically what the work entails and what is needed, and the skill sets that will be required. Guru then emails the contractor with a list of suitably qualified candidates from which the contractor can invite to submit quotations. Because the Gurus (the contractors) like to get invited to bid for new jobs, the client quickly gets a lot of attention to their project.

Clients are encouraged to look beyond merely price when considering the bids and quotes that come in. We all know that the lowest price is not necessarily for the highest quality of work. And so clients should look for work quality as well as timeliness together with cost to result in a short list. A lot can be learned from the profiles of the contractors to help in formulating the short list, including work history and qualifications.

The Guru web site also has a tool which will help to crunch all of the applicant’s bids to prioritize them based on the previous work histories and the experience that other clients had with them.
Enthusiasm counts for a lot with potential workers, and the guru web site provides a clever way for bidders to impress you. That is, bidders can pay to have their proposal listed at the top of the list as a Premium proposal, which costs the bidder six times the number of credits that a normal bid costs. This alone does send a message about the level of commitment and eagerness that the bidder has to complete the client’s job properly.

How Guru Works for Contractors

When the successful bidder has been found, then both parties agree to the project terms. It is really all about communication between the two parties, so that both are fully understanding and agreeing to what will be delivered, when it will be delivered, at what milestones payments will be scheduled and at what level of quality. In this way, everyone’s interests are known and agreed to, which makes the process of both parties achieving their goals all that much more simple.

To guarantee payments, the client pays into the Guru SafePay facility the cost of the project, or at the very least the first milestone before the contractor begins any work. And the completion of the job, Guru then releases the funds when the customer advises they are happy with the result.

During the project, guru’s internal messaging system is perfect to allow ongoing dialogue to occur, and so that refinements and advice can freely pass back and forth. All communications are retained for later reference so that either party can refer back to notes made, or much later if for any reason a dispute should arise.

Equally useful is the file sharing facility used in the guru web site. For example, the client may have samples of similar jobs done by others that the service provider can use as an example of quality, tone, style, and of course this is used later for the final deliverables to be passed to the client, and to prove they have been delivered.

Getting Paid with Guru

The payment methods are the usual suspects of credit card and Paypal. Checks can be mailed in, echeck is available and also wire transfers can be used. The Guru SafePay is the safest way to ensure payment security. There is the guru invoicing option, but it is less certain than SafePay, because the money is not already in the Guru account before work commences. Either system must be used, as payments made outside of the Guru systems is a breach of the terms of service. This is to be expected, so that the guru web site can take its fees out along the way.

Guru handles all the administrative things like currency exchange for people outside of the USA, and tax file forms for the Internal Revenue Service for those parties resident in the USA.

Because the payment is received and held by Guru when using SafePay, contractors have the peace of mind that they will get paid for completing the work promptly and to the standard agreed to.

From the contractor’s point of view, everything is very streamlined and easy to do. It is as simple as registering with all the usual details, building your profile and including your list of qualifications. There is an extensive list of potential categories that are available for contractors to market their services and not all of these jobs are directly related to working with computers or online. For example, there are many that have nothing to do with the Internet, such as Agriculture and the environment.

Whilst there is value in the paid for subscription, it is always wise to begin with the free or basic level first to ensure it will meet your needs. After completing your first job on Guru, then you can use some of the funds to upgrade your membership.