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Create Disposable Email Addresses Using GuerrillaMail

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If there is one common fear shared by most email users today, it is the fear of spam and unwanted offers from sundry sources. Well, there may also be other types of emails but spam seems to dominate the narrative and although there are many solutions out there that claim to help reduce the deluge of spam unwanted emails, it is sometimes best to address the problem directly from its roots. This entails finding an alternative to the current practice of singing up on so many websites on the internet. Admittedly, most websites always try to extract your email address but note that many of them also use those emails for commercial purposes. So, when you use your email to sign up on a site, there is a high likelihood that it will be shared with many other services who may also share it with other services and so on. Bottomline is, you start getting emails from various sites which you never visited and from services to which you never subscribed. It stands to reason therefore, that one major solution would be to stop registering to use online services or better still, use an email that acts like any other disposable item that you can use and discard. GuerrillaMail serves this purpose outstandingly.

GuerrillaMail is easily one of the foremost providers of disposable email addresses. It is extremely easy to use and all it takes is for you to visit the website and a random email address is automatically generated for you. If you do not like the address, you can choose a domain you prefer from the drop-down menu provided. For example, if you are given and you do not like it, simply click the drop-down and select from other options which include, etc. Thus your email address become You can also receive email messages via this email unlike some other services in this space. It is a common feature among disposable email providers that your email may be accessed by anyone else who has your details since there are typically no passwords involved. While this poses a degree of threat to your privacy, GuerrillaMail tackles this by providing an additional layer of security which is basically the ability to scramble your email address. When you scramble your address, you easily make it more difficult for anyone to get your inbox ID and enter your inbox. You will be allowed to enter only a single email address as a recipient as no CC or BCC is allowed.

How to Register to Use GuerrillaMail

GuerrillaMail does not involve any registration process. There are no forms to fill and no procedures to observe at all. This is simply because disposable emails do not involve personal details and are used on a temporary basis. All that you need to do is navigate to the website at and immediately obtain a disposable email address without any hassles. By using GuerrillaMail, you cut out all the annoying stuff that normally attends opening of email accounts on the usual platforms and this is just as well considering the fact that you will not be using the email address on a long-term basis.

Costs of Using GuerrillaMail

GuerrillaMail is absolutely free to use from one end to the other. Once you get to the homepage, you start enjoying the benefits of the service without any demands being made of you. It is that simple. There are no plans at all to peruse and no pricing structures to choose from. GuerrillaMail is designed to ensure that you rid your inbox of unwanted emails and spam by giving the perpetrators a different email to deal with.

GuerrillaMail however has costs incurred as a result of running its servers and other virtual and physical infrastructure. They therefore request for freewill donations from people who appreciate their efforts at making emails spam-free. Visitors to the website are invited to make donations using Bitcoins wallet; 16AeokboiDcpxziMjMKj4WNhWrWAgwqYmD. There is also a barcode available for scanning for that purpose.

Features of GuerrillaMail

The following features are enjoyed by users of GuerrillaMail:

  • Bitcoin Sending: GuerrillaMail has now added a new feature that allows you to send Bitcoins to anyone via the person’s email address. If you wish to use this feature, simply enter the recipient’s email address and if you wish, add a message. You will be requested to charge up the email with the amount of Bitcoins you wish to send when you click the ‘Send’button. A special link for the recipient to collect their Bitcoins will be embedded in the email. The Bitcoins must be collected by the recipient within seven days otherwise it will be returned to you. In order to ensure security of the transfer, GuerrillaMail only sends Bitcoin emails to servers that ensure email encryption using TSL (Transport Layer Security). GuerrillaMail also advises users that this feature is used at the person’s risk since anyone who is able to read their emails may also be able to withdraw the Bitcoins.
  • Scrambled Email Address: GuerrillaMail provides this feature as a guard against anyone who try to find out your Inbox ID and access your box. When you are given the disposable email address, you will notice another field beneath the allocated email address that contains an address that is a combination of alphanumeric characters and the extension you selected. That is the scrambled email address and to the right side of the field containing the address, there is a box which you may deselect to unscramble the address.
  • File Upload: GuerrillaMail allows users to attach files and upload via their email addresses. There is however, a 150MB size limit on the file.
  • Email Privacy: In order to ensure that the privacy is maintained, GuerrillaMail deletes all mails received in an email box after an hour. Furthermore, all GuerrillaMail logs are deleted after 24 hours for the same purpose of maintaining privacy as well as conserving space.