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Guerrillamail – Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address

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It is very difficult to live without the Internet these days and it has become quite ubiquitous, purveying all levels of society. And this is a wonderful thing because of the way that it has exploding into many billions of web pages, everyone’s needs for information on their specific interests are served. And it is continuing to expand at an exponential rate with even more diverse ranges of special interest groups. And not all web sites are about people buying goods or services, many are simple about being meeting places for people with shared interests to meet and to express themselves on whatever niche subject takes their fancy. Membership web sites are a big part of that process, where people can build their own profile of relevant information and then they can grow the level of content they contribute. And sometimes it is worthwhile supplying your own normal email address, especially when you are sure to not get spammed with hundreds of advertising offers. That is, while spam is illegal in many countries, it seems that no one has told the spammers, and almost no one is ever prosecuted for spam mail offences.

Guerrillamail has developed a very useful free service to help protect people from the spam invasion and it is very quick and easy to use. It is a simple matter of registering a new email address with them, and using it as your email address when you sign up to a new membership web site that requires an email address to be supplied. As with almost every web site that has a sign up process, in order to comply with spam legislation, the site will email you with a confirmation link that you must view and click on in order to prove that you want this email address to be used by the web site. The value that Guerrillamail provides is that the email address they create for you is only temporary, and that it will be deleted in sixty minutes. This enables you to sign up to a new web site, get the confirmation email, click on the link and be able to log into the web site.

Guerrillamail it won’t matter if the web site you signed up for then spams you, simply because the email address will disappear an hour later, and your primary email address will be spam free. If of course at some later time, when you have confidence in the web site that you have joined is not going to spam you, then you can always update your profile with your primary email address, safe in the knowledge that spam is not going to be a problem.

The Guerrillamail Numbers Speak for Themselves on its massive Spam protection

An example of this is shown on the Guerrillamail web site, where they claim to have processed more than two hundred and forty million emails, where less than thirty eight million of those emails were legitimate and not spam. Putting that into context, Guerrillamail protected its users from nearly two hundred and five million spam messages; such is the wide spread nonsense of spam. In fact there seems to be no slowing down of spam email, with more than one hundred and thirty billion spam messages sent each and every day. That’s nearly twenty spam messages per day for every person on the planet.

Guerrillamail does not require users to register in order to get a temporary email address. With the click of a button, a random email address is created, which could be across a variety of different domain names and users can then view whatever email is sent to it over the next sixty minutes. Guerrillamail has been so successful and well thought of, that it has been featured and mentioned in the blogs of publications like Reader’s Digest, as well as Life Hacker and PC Magazine and PC World have extolled its virtues, as has many others reputable organizations which share in the concern about spam.

The system has been built with all open source and freeware products, consisting of the Apache web server, MYSQL database and the Guerrilla Mail server using the SMTPd email protocol. Written in PHP, the Guerrilla Mail server is capable of handling massive volumes of email without compromising the server hardware performance, and it is an open source project using the GitHub service for software development and version management.
And so the very simple web page is written in Javascript and PHP, which then interact with the server in the back end with such efficiency that only a single processor hardware server is needed to process millions of emails every week. Some very clever technical people comprise the team behind Guerrillamail, and as expected, they love the command prompt of Linux rather than the sluggish nature of Windows servers.

Guerrillamail is Free to Use and Free to Develop Further With its API

The service is entirely free, and the development team can be contacted from the web site by email, as well as on their FaceBook and Twitter accounts. The team has developed their own API (Application Programmer Interface) which they are happy to make available to others wishing to build their own web site interface over the API engine of the whole thing. That is, there could easily be other applications that lend itself to a lean and high performance mail server infrastructure, and as an open source project, the team from Guerrillamail is all too happy to provide their API to other development teams. This is the cooperative nature of most Linux and coding geek type fraternity members; they are always happy to open their doors to support others of a like mind so as to further develop what can be done, and financial gain is rarely a consideration with this community. Rather, the reward is to push the envelope into new areas of code development to see what can be done, rather than what be sold for profit..