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GrubHub – order from restaurants around you.

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Since the advent of the Internet, no doubt many thousands of would be entrepreneurs have considered how to use its power to make the home delivery of takeout food quickly and easily. There have been many ways to consider the business model of how to make it all work efficiently, and GrubHub seems to have done just that. GrubHub is all about helping you to find the type of food you want to order, no matter where you are located. The process is simple enough. You create your own free account, and you enter your address to where the food will be delivered to. From your address, the GrubHub web site presents you with the list of available takeaway food outlets near to you that provide home delivery services, and it also includes all of the pick up only restaurants within a short distance to you. You can search their database by the type of cuisine as well as any restaurant name you have in mind. It even allows you to search for any particular menu item that you have in mind; which is perfect for pregnant women having some weird fetish need. The GrubHub filters the list of venues according to your search criteria so that you can choose the restaurant of your choice quickly and easily. When you have decided which one, you can then order your meal online or by telephone. And GrubHub also provides you with the latest food reviews left by other users, current coupons available to save you money on any special deals. GrubHub even have a twenty four hours customer support team who track every order making sure that customers do get what they wanted.

GrubHub makes Ordering Takeaway Food From Your Office, School or Home Easy

The online ordering process is very simple to do. It’s no more difficult than clicking on the menu items you wish, and even with things like pizza, the range of toppings you want are simply only a click away from you building the exact pizza they are able to make for you. Once you have built up the food order you want delivered, it’s a simple matter of checking out and paying for you food. When the GrubHub site sends the order to the restaurant, they confirm that they have received it and they confirm the time it will take to make delivery to your address. This updated delivery time is noted in the receipt that GrubHub email you confirming the whole transaction. Job done and you can sit back and relax while the shop attends to everything and they bring it to you door. The closed loop cycle of you entering what you want and then you getting the email receipt all proves what was ordered and that the shop got your order, because they have confirmed how long it will take to get it to your door. And assuming there are no problems with the shop getting your order, the whole ordering process should be completed and confirmed by email within ten minutes of you checking out.

If you realize a mistake, providing you communicate it early enough, you may be able to amend your order or add to it. Sooner to better is the best rule to follow with altering the order because even adding to it can throw out the delivery schedule of the first part that you ordered. And if you do start making amendments to order, you will start to notice this in the billing side of things where the first transaction is reversed and voided and then new transactions put through for the amended order.

The whole process is free of charge to the consumer. No charges are added by GrubHub to pay for the convenience of their service. GrubHub make their money from the restaurants, but charging them a modest fee for every order and customer they send to the store. And so it is a win win for all parties concerned. The restaurant gets more customers it would have otherwise not had, GrubHub of course make a profit, and you the consumer have an easy time of ordering from the safety and security of your home or office and you can either keep working or relaxing as the case may be. In fact, it is like GrubHub is the customer and that they are buying in bulk wholesale from all the stores in their database. That means at the end of the month, your credit card will show the charge being from GrubHub, and they will in turn pay the restaurants on their monthly payment cycle.

Free Grub and Campusfood are All Part of the GrubHub Experience

GrubHub do have gift cards called “Free Grub”, but these cannot be purchased. Rather they are promotional tools GrubHub uses to build its brand awareness. Their web site does talk about rebuilding their gift card function so that in the future you will be able to buy them, and with each one you’ll be able to make many orders from the one balance amount you purchase. The promotional Free grub cards also keep a running balance and you can learn what that balance is by entering the code in the appropriate box on the web site. If your order size is greater than your remaining Free Grub balance, your credit card will be securely billed for the additional balance.

Altogether, GrubHub has more than thirteen thousand restaurants across three hundred cities in the United States. This is continually growing as their service reaches a deeper penetration of participating restaurants. It all grew out of the service known as Campusfood. And now with the mature business, Campusfood has grown off campus which has enabled non university attendees to become users of the service, and Campusfood is currently being absorbed into the GrubHub business and will soon disappear entirely. Soon to be launched will be the GrubHub loyalty program, which will reward frequent users of the service with discounts and other benefits for being active users.