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Shopping… hate it or love it, it’s an activity we all must do. When we shop, we give up money and receive goods or services in return. Depending on how much value we get from any purchase determines our level of satisfaction with the shopping experience. It’s like we have this love-hate relationship with shopping. One of the best ways to get more satisfaction out of that “relationship” is by buying at discounted prices through Groupon. This is great for people who are on a tight budget but do not want to sacrifice value. This article will show you everything you need to know to get the most out of every purchase using Groupon.

What is Groupon?

Imagine a mall that’s always on a big sale. It has a wide selection of clothing, electronics, furnishings, getaways, gyms, restaurants and everything else. Best of all, you can access this mall at the tip of your fingers 24/7. That’s Groupon. It’s a marketplace full of deals on just about everything you need or want anywhere, any time.

How it works:

Shoppers need to sign up for an account with Groupon so they can use the website or the mobile app to purchase great deals in their local area or other cities worldwide.

What Groupon can offer:

Local Groupon – This is where you can quickly find great deals in your location. You can view a whole list of goods and services as well as a map of where you can find them.

Groupon Goods – This section displays products ranging from electronics, food and drinks, home and garden, health products, fashion (for men, women and kids), jewelry, toys, entertainment, auto and home essentials.

Getaways – Here you can find thousands of ways to escape from the everyday grind with great deals on air-inclusive vacations, beaches, hotels, car rentals, tours and other destinations.

Clearance – You can find unbelievably low prices in the Clearance section. I won’t even try to describe it for you because you’ll have to see it to believe it.

Coupons – As I write this, there are 71,232 free coupons at 9,452 stores on Groupon.

Staff Picks – Experts at Groupon display their favorite deals in the Staff Picks section of the site.

How to sign up:

The sign up process at Groupon is very straight forward. When you go to, click on the “Sign Up” link at the top menu. You’ll be given two ways to sign up:

If you have an existing Facebook account, click on the Facebook login button then sign into your Facebook account to create a Groupon account.


Use the sign up form by entering your details and clicking on the “Sign Up” button. This requires email verification so check your email for a verification message from Groupon and click on the green “Verify Account” button. If you can’t find their email in your inbox, you may need to check your Spam folder.

How to find great deals:

If you want to buy anything for yourself or for someone else, it would be wise to check out the best prices offered on Groupon before going out to your local shop to make a purchase. Goods on the site can be shipped to your address, or that of your recipient for gifts.

You may browse Groupon categories to find what you want, but using the search bar is probably the quickest way for those who are easily distracted with other ‘unplanned’ products. All you have to do is type in your keyword on the first field. Enter your location on the second and click on the “Search” button.

For example, if you are looking for a new laptop and you live in Chicago, you would enter them on the fields as you see below then click the search button.

With this example, you’ll get hundreds of results on laptops from $119 and up. It also includes any laptop accessories and services.

You may wish to sort your results by relevance, distance, and low to high or from high to low prices. These are found in the dropdown menu at the upper right side of the results page.

If you prefer, you can narrow your search further based on laptop specifications such as brand, processor type, hard drive size, display/screen size, resolution or interest. You can find these options at the left side of the page.

You may click on each item to view its description, see additional pictures and be able to buy the product.

How to buy:

Let’s assume you’ve found the laptop of your dreams offered at a great deal and you’re ready to make a purchase.

  1. Click on the “BUY!” button.
  2. You’ll then be taken to your shopping cart with the item listed along with any other unpurchased goods you’ve selected. Take note that any unpurchased deals will remain in your cart and will be removed automatically once the deal ends.
  3. Click on the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button.
  4. Review your item. You also have an option to use a coupon code, if you have any.
  5. Fill up the fields in the Secure Payment section with your credit card details and other billing information.
  6. In the next section, enter your shipping information.
  7. If you are buying any goods as a gift and want it delivered to your recipient’s address, enter their information here instead of your address.
  8. Lastly, double check everything before hitting the “COMPLETE ORDER” button.

What happens after you buy?

Groupon will send you an email within 24 hours regarding your purchase. It will also include how to view your account and how you’ll redeem Local Groupons (if you purchased any).

Things to remember for Local Groupons:

If you are buying a Local Groupon, you have an option to buy it as a gift for someone by ticking a box at the checkout page. For gifts, the recipient will receive an email with instructions to claim the Groupon.

If you made a mistake or wish to cancel your purchase, check if your order can be edited on you’re My Groupons page. If so, it should have “Edit order” next to it. It should allow you to edit most orders at least until midnight of the purchase date.

Things to remember for Groupon Goods:

Unlike Local Groupons, you can only edit orders for Groupon Goods within 2 hours of purchase. After 2 hours, the purchase is final. You do have an option to return most items for a refund within 14 days of delivery, unless otherwise specified in Fine Print.

How to use the Groupon App on your mobile device:

You can use your mobile phone to brows for products, buy what you like and redeem Local Groupons without having to print it. To take advantage of these features, you’ll need to download and install the Groupon app on your phone.

Note: For Android users, the steps may vary, but the idea is the same.

  1. Open the App store on your phone and search for “groupon”. The Groupon app should appear at the top of the results.
  2. Click on the “Get” or download button.
  3. You may be asked to login to your iTunes or Google apps account if you haven’t already.
  4. Wait for the app to install completely then click on the Groupon app. It’s the button with the big green “G” on it.
  5. You may now sign in with your Facebook account or your email address and password. Note that you can also create an account from the mobile app.

The Groupon app opens with a search bar at the top and four categories: Featured, Nearby, Goods and Travel. At the upper left side of the app, you can see a dropdown menu which contains your purchases, subscriptions and other pertinent information as well as the sign out option. At the upper right is a bell sign which indicates any notifications. The app works similar to the website, so feel free to explore!

I’m sure by now you see shopping in a whole new light. Groupon has changed the way people all around the world are making decisions about their own shopping. It can definitely help ease the budgeting the next time you make a purchase. Whether you want to buy your own stuff or gifts for family and friends, it’s always worth getting great value for less.

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