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Green Sherpa – next generation in online personal financial management

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Financial management is vital to all people in life, and yet our school system has almost no lessons at all to prepare our young for their future responsibilities. In fact, with the education system being so pitiful that a large percentage of students leave school with the barest minimum of reading and writing skills and even less fluency in maths, what hope do they have as they enter the cut and thrust of the work place trying to find their own way with financial sustainability. Green Sherpa is a web site business that seeks to change that paradigm by providing fun and easy ways for people to learn about financial planning with a particular emphasis on cash flow planning.

That is, GreenSherpa is an easy to use web site based system for cash flow management. It is about providing a budgeting tool for people that helps them to make better financial decisions. It causes people think and learn about how to save. By getting people to focus on where they are spending their income, people can make life changing decisions. Offering a fresh way to see things, GreenSherpa’s is an alternative to other existing financial software tools used for management and planning. And because it is all online at a web site, people can log in to their account anywhere to update or access the information. This is perfect for the person at home and the partner at the office, with both people having ready access to their most vital information. GreenSherpa is more convenient and user friendly than ever before. Members get the benefit of being able to view online in one central place all of their value data. Financial details concerning their many bank accounts, multiple credit cards, lists of their appreciating and depreciating assets all kept in one central repository. And with all the important data aggregated in one place, with the click of a button their total net worth can be monitored at a glance.

GreenSherpa Takes Self Awareness to a New Level of Financial Understanding

When people buy that cup of coffee each morning on their way to work for say three dollars, they don’t appreciate that over the course of a year they have spent seven hundred and fifty dollars. Add the cost of buying a daily newspaper and perhaps a muffin, and now they are to perhaps two thousand dollars a year spent on what can be easily avoided altogether. And so GreenSherpa may seem like only a budgeting tool but it really is a way to analyze their quality of life, and where their income leaks out to. If a financial planner suggests not buying that coffee, newspaper and muffin each day on the way to work, most people would think it unnecessarily harsh. But when people see their weekly pocket money spending on an annual basis, they quickly decide for themselves to stop that wasted money and to put it to better uses of debt reduction or assets accumulation. They will lose interest in retail bought coffee in favor of making at home or in the office, and they will read their news online and lose some of their obese health risk by not gorging on muffins.

GreenSherpa is perfect for the couple, where each is able to contribute to the record keeping and analysis processes. And whenever anyone wants some extra support, GreenSherpa is designed to allow third parties to guide and assist you. The collective community surrounding GreenSherpa is very supportive, and many professional financial planners are members, as are willing volunteers only too happy to lend their assistance for free. It is because it is all online that GreenSherpa lends itself to a growing community of self aware people committed to financial responsibility and it is becoming quite a movement in its own right. Because it is all data of historical spending and income, cash flow planning and budgeting, and also goal setting for the future, the platform is now keeping a very large number of people safely on the right track to financial freedom and independence.

GreenSherpa is a Real game the Whole family Can Play

Getting started is relatively easy to do, by opening a new free account. When this is done, the first thing to do is to set up all the expense tracking. This will be easiest done by locating your financial map inside the software interface. Related to this is income and revenue flowing in and so this must also be entered into it. And that is what cash flow planning is all about; tracking the flow of cash coming in and out. Some of this will be to service existing debt such as credit cards and house mortgages. There will also be the not negotiable recurring expenses such as the average weekly fuel bill, or the rental payment, union subscription and insurance premium coverage. By entering the data for one month, GreenSherpa then projects all the items you have entered out for the next year giving you the ability to see more clearly where your money came from and where it all went. This is when some decisions can be made, about that cup of coffee bought each morning that you can now see costing you seven hundred and fifty dollars a year.

And so begins the next stage of the process now that you have all your expenses and revenue items tracked clearly. You will be highly motivated with the clear picture of what is going on per year to make the small changes in lifestyle that can reset your financial life on the proper course. It becomes easy to drop the daily newspaper with muffin and coffee when that same money can cut your credit card debt in half over the course of just one year. And so with this in mind, you make some financial goals you’re your family income. You determine what changes to your debt level you wish to strive for, and you make minor changes to your behavior to realize those goals. GreenSherpa has a function call Goalkeeper and is is useful because it watches your progress towards your goals and how much you have contributed towards them at the end of each month. Rather than a life lived in quiet desperation, suddenly you feel empowered and making tangible progress to something you can see happening even within just a few weeks of using the GreenSherpa system. And each small success, because it is being measured at tracked creates a positive feedback loop of success for your life. You suddenly find yourself thinking in more thrifty ways on how to leverage your new found financial responsibility.