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There are serious and legitimate concerns about the American education system which lags the rest of the world to such an extent that despite the massive wealth of the United States, the output from its school system only ranks the graduate at thirty seventh. That is, Americans when compared to all other industrialized countries and many of the developing countries have achieved a much lower quality education even though they have often accumulated student loans that can easily take ten years or more to finally pay off. And we can all complain about this calamity; the fact still remains that the American education system is so deeply flawed as to be in fact broken. And this translates to some shocking statistics which show that nearly twenty per cent of University graduates are border line illiterate and or innumerate. Worse still is the fact that roughly the same number of the teaching faculty are similarly behind with their own competence with writing and mathematics. We do have the blind leading the blind when it comes to education.

An Online Paid For Grammar Checking Service, Grammarly Can be Hard Work

With grammar being such an important component of many college degrees, including many of the highly sought after courses like Law, it needs a dedicated focus to ensure that students truly can and do understand and grasp the intricacies of the English language. For example, a lawyer with only an average grasp of the English language and grammar is in fact unemployable and has no prospects for paying off a one hundred thousand dollar student loan. And so there have been a few software solutions purpose built to analyze the studentís written work to report back details of the exact errors they have been made. The intent of this software is to cause the student to revisit their written work to intelligently and with understanding to amend their critiqued writing. That is, the software such as Grammarly does not automatically change the text; rather it highlights it with notations adjacent to it with details of the grammatical concern that has been detected. Grammarly operates online as a ìsoftware as a serviceî model and it is in the business of making money from its service offering. Whilst you can open a free account, it is only when you upgrade to a paid service plan will you ever get any real benefit from Grammarly.

Plagiarism, Spelling, Contextual Work Use As Well as High Level Critique

And Grammarly goes further than only checking for spelling and grammar; it also is a plagiarism checker on the fly. And so not only is it checking the quality of the written work, it is checking to see if the work is original or copied from other sources. This makes it a particularly useful tool for the teaching staff when they are marking papers submitted by their students; and certainly it can be appropriate to use other published quotes if annotated correctly with the original authorís credit being noted. All that is need to use Grammarly is to copy and paste the text to be reviewed in to the box provided, and then to select what type of grammar checking is to be performed. To explain this selection, it stands to reason that academic writing is not the same as business correspondence and creative and casual writing styles will always be different to technical or scientific writing styles. And so by instructing which style Grammarly is to consider when it reviews the work, the author is able to get a more meaningful report from the service.

Grammarly is Designed for High Level Writing Skills Already Existing

The hard part for users will be to understand what the Grammarly review report means. The English language may be much more simple to work with than for example Chinese; the fact is that the minor nuances of precise and correct grammar is a demanding task and discussion of it involves the most complex ways to discuss the written work. In no uncertain terms users will be forced to study what the Grammarly report actually means in terms of how words have been used and how appropriate the authorís structure of the document has been. But the report will be very detailed beginning with a rating out of one hundred and whether or not a rewrite is needed or not. Beginning with if there has been plagiarism or not and where in the document has a prior source, then the report is about the contextual use of words (for example where ìtheirî has been used where ìthereî would have been the appropriate choice to use). Then comes the spelling and proper use of punctuation; both of which will quickly credit or discredit the author if the document is ever read by intelligent and skilled readers. After that, it gets hard for users because the discussion about the grammar in the reviewed document will take on a high level including description of the use of modifiers and descriptors and the like; which only the seriously competent English language student will have any idea about their meaning.

Some People Do Not Like Grammarly

Not every one is pleased with Grammarly, and there is a very frank and open discussion on their blog by many users; with more than a few being disgruntled users not speaking very highly of the service. But what choices are there; not many competent ones in fact and so much of this discussion on the blog comes down to those users who love the service; and those who argue its competitor is better value for money while being more useful and accurate. Such is the problem with the English language. Just as it is easy to find any two lawyers to argue either side of a legal case; it is also just as easy to find two proponent experts to argue to merits or otherwise of literature and its grammar. Above all else, it should always be the focus of the author to remember their audience, and to write for them in the ways they will fully understand.