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GoPlanit – a social travel planning tool

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There are many types of travel based web sites on the Internet, and many of them a forum based message boards where members throw out their travel stories in ad hoc ways. And while they can be useful with the many snippets of information, it is just as easy to get confused with how to plan your own trips. Travel planning can be quite a complex task and it can be most frustrating, time consuming and not fun at all. It takes a lot of research about where to go, and what is interesting to see and do when you go there. Setting your itinerary can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned traveler who can spend days and weeks plotting out all the trip details. Organizing the travel plan is one thing; then communicating all the details to friends and family is quite another, and liaising with other travelers whose paths you will intersect with another set of issues again. 

GoPlanit is designed by Travelers For Travelers Who Want None of the Hassle

And so the developers of GoPlanit set out to create an integrated solution with their online web site that could easily meet all of these needs with a minimum of stress and fuss. It was purpose built with the intention of saving time, making everything easier and taking out of it the stress when making travel plans. It is intended to not only save your time, but also to save your money in the process. And so it is a complete tool kit for either the novice first time traveller and for the experienced jet setting back packer alike, with all the functionality a traveller could need to get the just done quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss.

And so the developers have GoPlanit have built into their web site “one click travel planning” where you simply nominate a destination, and the web site pulls up all past information and trip reports of recommended places that other people have fed back as worthy of others also visiting. Within a few seconds, the GoPlanit virtual travel agent plots out an entire itinerary is laid out with recommendations on every not to be missed.

Similarly, in seconds you can create your very own a personalized calendar for your trip. Again using the GoPlanit virtual travel agent, everything gets plotted out with the date range you have specified. The GoPlanit search engine enables you to filter your search criteria with your own personalized preferences most relevant to what you want. You can ever send out invites to others to join you on your trips, and the GoPlanit web site will track and manage the responses you get from those you invited.

GoPlanit is Fully Usable from Any Internet Enabled Device

Because of its design all around travel, it should come as no surprise that the GoPlanit web site fully supports smart phone and iPhone access, so that you can travel with easy access to your online travel plan saved in your GoPlanit account. And this in particular lends itself wonderfully well to travel micro blogging so that while you are on the move, you can use your time to upload your stories and pictures for others you care about to be kept in the loop of where you are and how much fun you are having. And so there is no need to wait until you get home to find you have forgotten lots of the tiny yet important details. It’s all very easy and highly functional. As long as your phone and the network you are on at the time supports SMS text messaging, then you can easily use the travel micro blogging feature to rate and review where ever you happen to be at the time.

You can even send in emails with no character limit from your smart phone, and later when you log into your account you will find that email attached to your travel journal all nice and neat. This is perfect for never forgetting the little things and it is a great way to fill in the dead time spent on buses and planes.
Full Control Without the Work

Perhaps the best part of the GoPlanit web site is the “Plan It” button, because it will stimulate your own ideas with a fully fleshed out travel plan. Just nominate your desired destination and date range, hit the Plan It button and let the GoPlanit web site virtual travel agent do the rest. You can then massage this plan with your own customizations as you see fit. That is, the Plan It button may lay out seventy per cent of your trip in seconds, leaving you to only modify it in your trip calendar for those days you have something different specific in mind. And so it is easy to shape and massage the itinerary and travel plan first laid out for you by the Plan It button.

You can even have directions and maps printed out so that you don’t get lost and for taxi drivers to follow. That is, GoPlanit comes with maps integration, and for any item in your travel calendar, it will make getting lost very difficult to do.

Everything in your GoPlanit account can be exported to Outlook, iCal or google calendar with the click of a button. The web site truly has been very well thought out to be very useful, and portable. Anywhere you can get Internet access, and from any Internet enabled device, you will always have easy access to your travel plan. And you can at any time change the news feed on your account to limit or open up who can see what is happening on your trip.

Designed around travellers by very experienced travellers, it is a truly wonderful web site tool that you can take anywhere on your travels. Family and friends will always be up to the minute with your news and adventures.