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GoPlan – the best way to collaborate with your peers

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All businesses are to some extent or other involved in project management. This is simply true because all businesses have customers, and every client order is a project, each batch of order processing is a project and every internal process that is reviewed or rebuilt is a project. And so it is imperative to be organized with the allocation of resources to all the essential tasks that need to be done. GoPlan is such a project management tool, and not only is it fully functional; it seeks to make project management fun to do. The interface is designed around ease of use, and with visual appeal to the user in mind.

The dashboard of GoPlan provides users with an overview of what is happening within the company from a big picture view, what is happening with multiple projects on the go. At a snap shot, the user can quickly see what each employee has been working on and what progress they have made; what additional tasks remaining pending are their to do list, and what different milestones employees and projects are approaching in the near term future.

With GoPlan, there are team status updates and time tracking functions so that everyone can see where time is being spent, and what it is being spent on. Other team members are equally able to see what is going on and be able to measure their own performance and progress.

Goplan Makes Project Management Fun and Easy

And with Goplan, all files that it keeps and tracks, there is full file version functionality so that older versions can be easy found and downloaded as required. This is particularly useful for design projects which are changing constantly, and that sometime later an older version proves to be more successful.

GoPlan is especially useful for the management of tasks, assigning human and physical resources to them in a rational way and the user interface makes this especially easy to do. The two main issues with this are the task and defining it clearly, as well as setting milestones for it. That is, all tasks can have a large number of sub tasks, all of which could be shared across a team of people. And each task will have critical stages that need to be completed by set dates before other aspects of the project can proceed, and they must be achieved with the set allocation of human and material resources. In fact GoPlan provides for tasks, sub tasks and these sub tasks having their own sub tasks. Team members can be assigned across various tasks and sub tasks or they can be dedicated to only one task fully. The assignment of tasks fully embraces time tracking from the task detail screen. The user just needs to click the clock icon next to each task to allocate time resources and track them.

Within all projects there will be issues that need tracking from the beginning through to their resolution. With GoPlan, when an issue arises it is simple to create a ticket for this item as a matter that needs to be tracked, who’s going to follow through with it. Issue tracking is just as important as creating the ticket item, and management can use GoPlan for management reports to see what is the state of play with outstanding issues, and what issues have been resolved since the last time of reporting. This is especially true with client related requests and their special needs so that order processing doesn’t lapse with the attention to detail those clients in today’s highly competitive market place. One very useful function is that GoPlan can be updated for issues and ticket tracking by means of email, and the management reporting functions can similarly be driven by email.

Goplan’s Calendar is at the Core of Task Assignment

All project management software has a level of calendar function, which is common sense given that scheduling of tasks is the core function of the tool. And GoPlan has a variety of views with which the user can see what is happening across the total company, or across individual projects or tasks. It is very easy to add additional items into any day of the calendar by clicking on that day. And just as easily, approaching milestones can be seen in the calendar and agenda modes. Users can easily subscribe to any of the Goplan calendars externally from applications like Google Calendar and Apple’s iCal. And that is one of the wonderful aspects of Goplan; that it can be accessed and updated from outside of being logged into the web site. That functions can port to other applications is impressive, as is its ability to be updated by email.

One of the most fundamental of all project management requirements is for it to be able to handle all file management processes. Only by having a central repository for project files can an organization be kept focused and properly time managed. If documents go missing or take too long to find, things and communication starts to break down, and projects become frustrating and incomplete. Documents, PowerPoint presentations, artwork designs and spreadsheets all need to be uploaded to one central Goplan account, so that all authorized users can access them at any time from any place. These documents for the core assets of the business, and must be protected, and have version tracking in place so that only the most recent copy of a document is advanced further, unless there is the deliberate decision to go back to an early version for further development.

Notifications are an important function of Goplan in that they serve to remind employees of pending deadlines and milestones, as well as to confirm tasks and sub tasks that have been assigned to them from time to time. And also very helpful is the built in discussion functionality, which is especially useful with employees and contributors working within the system are from different functional areas and or time zones.