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Google Sites – Great Place to Publish your First Web Site

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Given that the internet now comprises about three web pages for every man, woman and child on the planet, it seems clear that a massive number of people have sought to create their own web pages. And is certainly no barrier to using the tools available to create interesting content; though most of appreciate when the content is professionally presented with high quality templates and formatting. Google has been one of the pillars of the internet leadership group and they have had a sizeable impact on how things have developed. They have lost a lot of ground in recent years because their search results simply are not that relevant as they used to be in their formative years, and perhaps one day they can clean out all the clutter and garbage of internet marketerís manipulative practices of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And perhaps their core business of search has had its day and will be overtaken by smarter developers. In any event, Google has done a lot to develop other parts of the Internet and their muscle has forced change where other big business dominance wanted to effect greater control and more paid for service offerings. In fact only after the share float has Google had to address the bottom line issues of cash flows and profitability, which it now keeps a keen eye on.

All you Need is Your Gmail Account to Log in and Get Started.

One area that google have had a popular and welcomed impact is in the area of web site publishing. That is, Google Sites is where anyone with a Gmail account can publish their own web site free of charge. By providing all the tools necessary and supporting the venture with hard drive space for people to store their web pages, Google have ensured that everyone can have a publisherís voice on the Internet, and for free of and charges. Google Sites was not home grown by the clever people at google Labs; rather it was the brain child of the founders of Excite which was a competing search engine back in the 1990s. Under the name Jot Spot, Excite used to charge money for the service until google acquired in in 2006 and then dropped the payment plan options except for those who need much larger resources. In its early incarnation, Google Sites was modeled around the creation of knowledge base styled Wikipedia sites. And so getting started is not complicated; all you need is your Gmail email address and password and after having logged into your email, you can access Google Sites from the menu system there, or you can log in directly from the Google Sites log in page.

Select a Template to Work with; No Programming Skills Needed

All web publishing software has a similar or generic set of tools to be used to create the content you wish. And those tools or buttons all look like a word processing application with the primary difference being that with Microsoft Word you are almost always saving your work to the hard drive locally on your computer, whereas with Google Sites when you click save your file and work is saved up on their servers under your account name in the space reserved for you. And not surprisingly at all, Word can be used to save your content creation up on to the web instead of locally to the hard drive, and you can download and save locally any web design work you have previously saved on the server. After you have logged into Google Sites, you can choose from a range of templates to work with. These templates use a concept called cascading style sheets (CSS) which are supposed to make it easy to make master changes to the formatting and style of the template. Unfortunately, Google Sites do not want you playing with the CSS and so their template offerings cannot be modified in any meaningful way. It is good to note that they also have a number of mobile phone templates to choose from as well, which is particularly important given how many millions of smart phones and iPhones are now out there in the wild being used by people to access information on the internet.

Google Sites Can Handle a Team Working on the Web Site Project

Google Sites is perfectly designed to manage the input or content development of a team of people; each having their own different level of access rights to what they can and cannot do on the site. Assuming the project is a company wide Intranet, such authority and control over a large number people is essential to the clarity and effective growth of content where user input can be tracked by who did what. One of the cool parts of Google Sites is that you do not need to know HTML programming at all. It is just as easy to use as word processing software and the application does all the coding work behind the scenes. And this is important because you want your mind focused on all of the content issues, not on resolving a programming code bug that you have no idea about finding. Most people do tend to compose there written work in another application like Notepad or Word and then copy and paste it over to their template in Google Sites; but this is not at all necessary, and you do have to be mindful of not carrying into your web site any formatting garbage normally associated with Microsoft not sticking to established standards with its fonts.

Google Sites is a great place for new developers and publishers to get started with generating content. The service does scale and already is used by some very large businesses. And quite frankly no student should be able to graduate from school until they have mastered the art of web site publishing, and Google Sites is the ideal place to begin and get started.