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Submit and Vote on Questions with Google Moderator

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As part of the work culture of Google, where all employees are encouraged spend one fifth of their working time developing projects that most interest them. At any one time, the top twenty of these projects gain the full commitment of Google’s financial and technical resources to bring the project onto completion and launch. Over the years, this has built up a plethora of Google Apps each of which provides users with great advantages, almost always for free. The cofounders of google, Brin and Page are motivated by more than just money. Rather they seek to improve the world with the widest possible access to information, presented in many different forms.

Google Moderator is one such initiative that was first conceived by an employee working on his twenty per cent personal work time. Along with the top twenty most worthy projects potential of success, Google Moderator was then fully developed and formally launched in 2005. It relies on a concept known as “crowd sourcing” to manage the feedback to large numbers of questions across a diverse range of subjects, where Google as such does not provide the human moderators. Rather they are selected from the user base itself. People are able to vote on what are useful questions, as well on what has been the most useful answer forthcoming from the user base.

Often used to moderate specific events more than just ongoing general questions, Google Moderator ensures that all questions do get considered, and that those questions deemed most relevant and important do receive the most attention from the user base discussion.

Google Moderate Used to great Effect by President Obama

A classic example of how Google user has been a great success was when the newly elected President Obama was transitioning into taking office; he empowered the masses to contribute with his “Open for Questions” platform. Members of the general public fielded all their questions for Obama’s team to then “moderate” with google. The first time his office used it, it ran for only forty eight hours, during which then thousands questions poured in from twenty thousand users who subsequently then voted more than one million types on these questions to establish the priority and important of each question.

The second time President Obama’s off ice used the service, more than one hundred thousand users submitted seventy six thousand questions, and then they voted four million seven hundred thousand times to prioritize the importance of those questions. Later President Obama created a new position and appointed a Director of Citizen Participation; such was the outstanding success of Google Moderate. That is, the software service has been fundamental in changing the way the United States Government can and should listen to the people about what are the most important issues to be dealt with.

Google Moderate is More Efficient and Effective than Physical Demonstrations

Large corporations, political parties and any rally of human interest or outcry can use Google Moderate to great advantage. The very idea of centralized meeting places for tens or hundreds of thousands of people affected to demonstrate their loyalty or opposition to major community events is practically obsolete. It is simply wasteful and inefficient for such large physical commitments by people to simply chant one slogan and will always run the risk of government and Police opposition, violence, stampeding behaviors and property damage. This is not to mention the huge logistical cost of such occurrences; when nothing much is served by the chanting of a slogan. It is vastly more intelligent to organize the mass interest of people in an orderly fashion such that real questions can all get asked, prioritized and communicated effectively and in a meaningful way. Rather than one chant shouted by thousands of people hundreds of times, Google Moderator provides for the micro examination of the big issue into its smaller constituent parts. By breaking down the large issue into meaningful stages and pieces, even the most complex matters can have significant progress made. Anyone can eat an elephant, one bite at a time.
Added to the significant degree of organization that would otherwise be called chaos is the fact that many more people can get involved because they don’t have to travel the distance to a central location. That is, people nationally or internationally can participate, whereas physically attending a central location would be impracticable. It should also be remembered that large political rallies, besides communicating at best one angry message soon go quiet the day the end and the news cameras have found something else to report on. Google Moderate on the other hand can run its event twenty four hours a day for many days or even weeks if organizers so wish, all the while accumulating a growing intelligence about the issue, broken down into intelligent questions capable of being answered and resolved.

Google Moderate is Perfect for Building a Corporate FAQ

Google Moderator has its own API (Application Programming Interface) which enables third parties to develop customized software solutions as unique applications are found. This can include a corporations building of a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) resource for internal use by employees. With a moderator or moderation team, the workforce can initially crowd source Google Moderate with a storm of questions, which are then quickly and efficiently voted on for importance and priority. Then over time, the FAQ resource can be grown at a steadier pace as new questions arise and need to be dealt with.

Consistent with Google’s policy and mission of making the world a better place, Google does not charge fees for its Google Moderate service offering. Also consistent with its commitment to providing the widest spread access to the maximum amount of information possible, Google Moderate is available on any web browser and any Internet enabled device. This is enabling smart phones to get ever smarter with information brought to the power of the people, no matter where they are located. Perhaps one day people will vote in government elections with Google Moderate.