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Things to Know About Google Docs

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As part of the cofounders vision for Google where it leads the way to creating a better world, all employees are entitled to spend twenty per cent of their paid work time on any project of their choosing. Larry Page regularly reviews these projects by means of a list of the top 100 of them, which are prioritized to find the best twenty of the top one hundred of them. The top twenty per cent of these employee determined projects get the full resource commitment of Google, with the promise that the employee who conceived the project in the first place automatically heads up the greater project team to see it all the way through to launch and full production.

One such project that has been released to the public is Google Docs, which as an application that enables people to upload into their Google web space word processing or spreadsheet documents, power point presentations; in fact any file type that has the extension DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV, PPT. Users simply need to upload their files, and from the Google Docs interface, they can edit and modify their work from the customary or usual interface they are accustomed to from the desk top computer.

Google Docs is the Perfect Data Backup Application

This has the major bonus to avoid losses from a local hard disk drive crash, simply because all Google’s network computers have built in redundancy. This means that whenever a hard drive crashes on Google, it doesn’t matter because the data is always stored on another hard drive too. Google simply replace dead drives on the fly, with no down times and never any loss of data.

Exporting their files is just as easy by using the DOC, XLS, CSV, ODS, ODT, PDF, RTF and HTML formats. That means that a raw Excel spreadsheet can be uploaded from a desktop computer, edited as required, and then published online as a web page later.

One of the powerful aspects of google Docs is that users can set access privileges for others, whereby others can be empowered to read, write and edit the document, or to only read it. That is, by adding a list of other Gmail email addresses, Google Docs will email these people with an invitation to contribute or access the documents being shared. These access privileges can be removed by the owner at any time. And multiple people can access the document at the same time.

Google Docs is Perfect For Online Presentations.

This makes Google Docs perfect for presentations to an audience across the world, all logged in to see and follow the information being presented. All editing changes are tracked by the user who made the changes which is perfect for other users to see what has changed since they last logged in. Multiple users can work on the same document at the same time; perhaps each given a part of the document to work on, or small groups working in collaboration on each part.

By using the inbuilt chat program, each user can discuss ideas for changes, new data sets to try. This makes it perfect to play with the “what if” scenarios to assess the potential outcomes and to compare alternative strategies.

Storing and finding later your documents is of course very easy to do. Given that users may have a large number of documents, they can all be stored in folders to group projects together of related and relevant documents. Searching for your files is just as easy to do.

And of course users accessing the files can do so from anywhere, including on the smart phone or iPhone. This is the perfect system for saving into the cloud all your work office documents, so that they can just as easily be accessed from home and on business travels – anywhere there is access to the Internet.
The decision to publish the documents and how is very simply. The options to include locking the published work so that no one can see them, selected few can see them or that they be viewable to the world at large. It is a simple matter to update the to the user’s blog, or onto the corporate intra net. With fully control over who can access the published document, they are just as simple to unpublish or take off line too.

What Other Users Say About Google Docs

There are more than four million business users taking advantage of all the commercial advantages of Google Docs. In addition to that, there are millions of personal users too. Examples of how it can be used, one guy who has season tickets at Fenway Park for baseball games kept his tickets after moving away from Boston. He publishes a spreadsheet online so that all invited family members can log in and claim the days they will use the seats on a first come first served basis. He claims this has made it simple and easy, as well as prevented any disputes because there is no confusion as to which family member has the use of the seats.

Another guy talks about his PHD study group use of Google Docs, and how it has caused all the group members to be more time managed. Whereas before, members of the study group were tardy with making their contributions resulting in great stress at the times when projects were soon falling due. With Google Docs, each member has a natural tendency to log in when they have time to see where the project is at. And while logged in and after seeing what others have contributed, they also feel inclined to add their own efforts to the group dynamic.

Google Docs enables you to start a new document from scratch, or to upload documents that have already been started at the desktop. This alone presents a real challenge to Microsoft’s Office suite of applications, because Google Doc gives users advanced benefits with no cost at all. Google Docs is free.